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The Park

The remains of the Park in Cataclysm

The newly-rebuilt district has been renamed Lion's Rest.

The Park was located in the western corner of Stormwind City. It was once a district devoted to leisure activities for Stormwind's populace.[citation needed] It had  been used as a refuge for visiting night elves, who found the comforting presence of nature a welcome respite from the vast stone thoroughfares of Stormwind proper. The night elves had created a Moonwell in the center of the park square. Until the Cataclysm, it was the only place in the Eastern Kingdoms where druid trainers resided.

The remaining trainer, Celestine, now lives in a cottage beside Olivia's Pond north of the Dwarven District. 

To get to what remains of the Park, you need only head southwest from Cathedral Square or northwest from the Mage Quarter.

As of the pre-patch for Legion, the ruins of the Park have been replaced by Lion's Rest, where there are several druid and herbalism trainers, as well as cosmetic NPCS, but little else to note.


A [24] The Corruption Abroad



  • The Park was a peaceful place where players might come to get away from it all. No major in-game events happend in this location except the Lunar Festival.
  • Due to the park being mostly inhabited by night elves, this area has also been called the night elf district. It reportedly went under this name in some Alpha builds.[citation needed]

In Cataclysm

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