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This article covers the cumulative AddOn UI Customization and Macro API changes from WoW 6.1.0 to 6.3.0 for Warlords of Draenor. See API change summaries for a list of API change summaries for all patches.
API change summaries

Breaking Changes

  • font mechanism has changed to include a new FontFamily concept, and code that makes or inherits font types may need to be changed.
  • itemString was changed from 12 to 13 parameters with addition of specializationID in the middle. (in 6.2.0)


  • .xsd is still missing 'relativeKey' on Anchor


  • XML/Script 'inherit' attribute, for automatically pre/post hooking inherited scripts
  • XML/Font 'height' attribute, as alternative to <FontHeight> Value element. Takes precedence over FontHeight. Does not exist on FontString. Must set 'font' for 'FontHeight' or 'height' to be used.

Important Notes

Blue Posts

  • As of 27-February-2015 for patch 6.1.0, there have been no official 'general changes compilation' blue posts yet. See Battle Net forums for 6.0.2 summaries, and check Battle Net forums for the official list of change summary posts.
  • See also WoW Interface for beta UI API patch change discussion and discovery.