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Patch 7.2.0 Hotfix 3

Build 23852 were released to the PTR and Live on March 30, 2017. Mac OS X video problems with resolution and extra monitors continue. Blizzard eventually acknowledged video problems on Mac OS X external displays.[1][2] They also acknowledged a problem with loading screens on Intel GPU on Mac OS X.[3]


  1. ^ File:Patch_7_2-2nd_1080p_windowed_fullscreen_monitor_bug.jpg
  2. ^ Blizz.gif Eloemaz 2017-04-03. Problem with windowing on second display. Official Mac Technical Support forum (US)
    Hello all,

    Thank you all for reporting this. Sorry for the delayed reply. We have been investigating that is causing WoW to display like this one second monitor. I do not have an ETA just yet when a fix will be out. Thank you all for your patience while we work on this.
  3. ^ Blizz.gif Rommax 2017-03-29. Load screens seem graphically glitches now :(. Official Mac Technical Support forum (US)
    Glitchy looking loading screens on Intel GPUs is a known issue. We're working on a fix. For the time being, it should be a benign issue. It only affects the appearance loading screens.

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