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Path of the Titans

For the alternate character advancement system, see Paths of the Titans.

As seen from above.

The Path of the Titans is an ancient north-south road in disrepair, part of which bisects The Dragon Wastes and Wyrmrest Temple. Jotun <The Curse Bearer> ever journeys its length in the Dragonblight. Lord Everblaze can be found near the small building at its northern edge.

It runs from Ulduar in the Storm Peaks to the north (at a plaza between the Halls of Stone and the main building

[41.4, 27.8]

), over the Terrace of the Makers (continuing from about

[41.1, 39.4]

), through Stormcrest, down through the Dragonblight to where it meets Wyrmrest Temple, then continues going south into the Frozen Sea. Portions of the Path can be found on the western side of the Strand of the Ancients battleground and appear to continue on past it, heading further south.

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Theory suggests that before the Great Sundering, the Road was used by the Armies of the North to march south and build the wells we see today over the Old Gods, imprisoning them. In lore, it is stated that the armies reached as far as Pandaria, leading us to believe that the Path of the Titans could have in fact stretched from Ulduar, over the Well of Eternity, and down to the Chamber of the Dark Heart of Pandaria, where Y'Shaarj was imprisoned. In game detailing shows similar structure and technology in the two sites, leading to the idea of the connection before the Sundering.