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The label of Peon denotes the lowest station amongst those in the Orcish Horde. Inferior in all skills of worth, these dogs are relegated to menial tasks such as harvesting lumber and mining gold. Their labor is also required for the construction and maintenance of buildings necessary to support the vast undertakings of the Horde. Downtrodden, the Orc Peons slave thanklessly to please their overseers.


You can only fit 5 Peons on a gold mine. Do not attempt to place any more on a gold mine.

Peons can be placed in Orc Burrows for town defense; in fact, they are the only unit that can be placed in Burrows.

Spells and Abilities

Repair (Autocast)

Peons can repair buildings and mechanical units automatically when repair is enabled. Repairing costs gold and lumber. If you do not have enough gold or lumber you will not be able to repair.

Use Peons to repair Demolishers. You can also repair the mechanical units or buildings of your allies.


Mines gold from gold mines and harvests lumber from trees.

Return Resources

Return the carried resources to the nearest town hall.

Build Structure

Brings up a list of the available buildings that you may choose to construct.


Each attack that does damage to a building also gains resources. This is a passive ability. Pillage returns 50% of the cost of the building if you destroy it at full health.
Pillage has a minimal benefit for peons due to their very low damage output.
Research Cost Researched At Requirements Upgrade Time
75 WC3gold.gif 25 WC3lumber.gif Great Hall/Stronghold/Fortress None 60 sec.


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