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A Gurky pet

The Pink Murlog Egg item summons and dismisses Gurky, a pink baby murloc Companion.

Baby murloc companions

There are (currently) three limited availability baby murloc Companion, Murky (blue), Gurky (pink), and Lurky (white).

  • [Blue Murloc Egg] contains Murky, a blue baby murloc.
  • [Pink Murloc Egg] contains Gurky, a pink baby murloc.
  • [Lurky's Egg] contains Lurky, a white baby murloc.

(There are also green, orange and purple skins for baby murlocs in the game files.)

As companions, they do not aid you in battle. They occasionally burst into dance, complete with top hat and cane, in an amusing tribute to the character Michigan J. Frog. To listen to the baby murloc singing download this MP3.

Both factions have a sample of the blue baby murloc small pet, Murky (labeled Murky), available. The Alliance sample is near the pond in The Forlorn Cavern section in Ironforge, and the Horde sample is on the dock in the fishing pond in the Valley of Honor section in Orgrimmar.


The Pink Murloc Egg access code was given as a prize for several European contests over Christmas 2006.

AllianceHow to obtain: (Alliance)

HordeHow to obtain: (Horde)

  • To obtain Gurky, head to the Valley of Honor section in Orgrimmar in the orcish land of Durotar.
  • You'll see a dock in a small pond where Zas'Tysh, an orc, stands with Murky, the blue baby murloc Companion.
  • Talk to him to enter your code.

Notes about redeeming your code for Gurky

From Blizzcon 2007 through sometime in the first half of 2008 both Ransin Donner and Zas'Tysh wore a murloc costume.

Currently, in dialog, neither Ransin Donner nor Zas'Tysh offer to redeem the code for Gurky as of June 6, 2008 (talked to them in-character).


Many would say that the Murlocs are filthy, slimy creatures with no greater purpose in life than to serve as expendable sparring partners for aspiring heroes. Do you believe this? Think again! Mindless killings and raids on their homes have left thousands upon thousands of Murlocs dead or wounded, and each day the slaughter continues.
Have you ever invaded a Murloc settlement and drenched your blade in their green blood? Have you ever ended the life of one of these poor, defenseless creatures as it was desperately trying to escape back into the safety of a nearby river or the sea, the Murloc's true home? Yes? Then it is time you made up for the pain and suffering you have caused these gentle animals!
Through the Murloc adoption program you will have a chance to get to know these fascinating and playful creatures from a whole new perspective. Many young Murlocs are left without their parents as pillaging gangs of so-called heroes eradicate entire tribes, leaving the unhatched Murloc eggs without protection against hungry crocolisks, raptors, and other dangers that threaten a young Murloc's life. Many kind souls have saved abandoned eggs from ravaged Murloc settlements, and you can help us hatch these eggs and care for your very own baby Murloc. If you have been given a special code that certifies you as a qualified Murloc handler, please follow the instructions below to turn in your code and to receive your new best friend in the World of Warcraft.

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