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For the mob, see Plague Eruptor.
Plague Eruptor.jpg

Plague erupter at Gjalerbron

Plague Eruptor fighting a Death Knight in Howling Fjord

Plague Eruptors are creatures that can be encountered in Northrend. Some plague eruptors in the Borean Tundra are said to have once been orcs and tauren.[1]

Plague eruptors are the latest experiment of the Lich King, designed to spread horror and chaos across the world of the living. These walking corpses have quickly earned a reputation as the most destructive of the Scourge army: hyper-violent, incredibly strong, and deceptively fast. The most terrifying weapons in the eruptors' arsenal are the myriad pulsing nodules that dominate their rotting skin. It is from these nodules that the undead plague festers and bursts, insuring that wherever the eruptors go, they quickly spread the Lich King's apocalyptic contagion.

Named plague eruptors