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Neutral Plagued Dragonflight
Plague dragon.jpg
Racial leader(s)Vectus, Kel'Thuzad (as commander of the cult), King Ymiron (As King of the Vrykul and his Plagued proto-drakes), The Lich King (As Master of the Scourge)
Location(s)Western Plaguelands (Scholomance)
Primary languageDraconic
Average heightVaries according to specific species and age

The Cult of the Damned began breeding a plagued dragonflight within the Scholomance, another method of spreading the Plague of Undeath throughout the land, during the Scourge's invasion of Azeroth. They were unable to get suitable numbers of them before the Scourge fractured and was driven back into the Plaguelands and Northrend. Now, the remaining necromancers of the Scholomance continue their work and hope to unleash the plagued dragons on the world. However, the Argent Dawn has caught wind of their activities and plans, and works to destroy the abominable plagued dragons before they can be deployed.[1]

Vectus, developer and trainer of the plagued dragonflight, mentioned that the dragon whelps were bred from black dragon eggs from the Burning Steppes.[2] There Tinkee Steamboil freezes and collects the eggs to deliver them to Vectus, but Leonid Barthalomew, a member of the Argent Dawn, tricks her so the eggs don't arrive in Scholomance.[3]

The work of this Plagued Dragonflight appears to have continued in Northrend, as several Plagued Proto-Drakes can be found.[4][5]


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