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A polearm is a large two-handed edged weapon, usually in the form of a long metal or wood pole a bit taller than a person, with an axe-like head. Polearms are the least common of all melee weapons. Names such as Pike, Spear, Halberd, and Harpoon all indicate a polearm.

Sometimes a polearm will have a spear-like point or mace-like protrusions, but in combination so as to not qualify as a spear and too long a handle to be a mace. Polearms generally attack very slowly, but cause large amounts of damage on a hit.

Polearms can be used by monks, hunters, paladins, warriors, druids, and death knights.

In Legion

World of Warcraft: Legion Prior to World of Warcraft: Legion Legion, the hunter's rarely benefitted from a melee weapon, so a hunter would rarely choose polearm because it would block the auto-shot and many other shooting-based skills. However, as of World of Warcraft: Legion Legion, Survival Survival Hunters have abilities designed around polearms.

Notable polearms

Epic Mists of Pandaria Polearms

BoA Mists of Pandaria Polearms

  • Spear of Xuen
  • Pandaren Fishing Spear
  • Sturdy Yaungol Spear
  • Hozen Warrior Spear
  • Malik's Stalwart Spear

Epic Cataclysm Polearms

World of Warcraft: Cataclysm This section concerns content exclusive to Cataclysm.

  • Kiril, Fury of Beasts
  • Cataclysmic Gladiator's Pike
  • Kiril, Fury of Beasts
  • Ranseur of Hatred
  • Ruthless Gladiator's Pike
  • Cataclysmic Gladiator's Pike
  • Ranseur of Hatred
  • Vicious Gladiator's Pike
  • Inv polearm 2h bwdraid d 01.png [Witch-Hunter's Harvester]
  • Mobus's Dripping Halberd
  • Bloodthirsty Gladiator's Pike

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