Ammen Vale is the starting point for the draenei.


  • Leave the area at level 6 in 30 to 40 minutes.


None required.


By following this guide you will leave Ammen Vale at level 6 in 30 to 40 minutes with any of the 6 draenei classes.


  1. Accept Quest:You Survived! from Megelon then turn it in at Proenitus down the hill.
  2. Accept followup Quest:Replenishing the Healing Crystals.
  3. Kill Vale Moth's until you have 8 Vial of Moth Blood. This will make you ding level 2.
  4. Turn in Quest:Replenishing the Healing Crystals and accept followup Quest:Urgent Delivery!.
  5. Go indoors and turn in Quest:Urgent Delivery! at Zalduun. Get followup Quest:Rescue the Survivors!.
  6. Talk to your class trainer, accept and turn in your class quest. Then train your first skills.
  7. Sell junk and repair then exit same way you came in.
  8. Accept Quest:Botanist Taerix from Proenitus and turn it in at Botanist Taerix (79,46). Get followup Quest:Volatile Mutations.
  9. Kill 8 Volatile Mutations and use your racial skill Gift of the Naaru on the first Draenei Survivor you see.
  10. Return to Botanist Taerix and turn in Quest:Volatile Mutations. Accept followup Quest:What Must Be Done...
  11. Accept quest Quest:Botanical Legwork from Aprentice Vishael right next to Botanist Taerix.
  12. Go west to 75,47 and kill Mutated Rock Lashers until you have 10 Lasher Samples. Also pick 3 Corrupted Flower off the ground.
  13. You should have dinged level 3 by now. If not, grind until you do.
  14. Go back and turn in Quest:Botanical Legwork and Quest:What Must Be Done... Get followup Quest:Healing the Lake
  15. Go indoors and turn in Quest:Rescue the Survivors! at Zalduun. Exit to the south.
  16. Accept Quest:Spare Parts from Technician Zhanaa and Quest:Inoculation from Vindicator Aldar.
  17. Sell junk and repair.
  18. Go south to 77,59 and rightclick the Irradiated Power Crystal (object).
  19. Go immediately to the east and you will find Nestlewood Thicket.
  20. Use the Inoculating Crystal to free 6 Nestlewood Owlkin and find 4 Emitter Spare Parts. You will find them both along the path into the mountains.
  21. You should have dinged level 4 by now. If not, grind until you do.
  22. Go back and turn in Quest:Spare Parts and Quest:Inoculation. Get followup Quest:The Missing Scout from Vindicator Aldar.
  23. Sell junk and repair then go indoors to learn your level 4 skills.
  24. Shaman only: Get quest Quest:Call of Earth from Firmanvaar. Turn it in at Spirit of the Vale (72,40) and get followup. Go behind him to kill 4 Restless Spirits of the Earth. Then return to him, turn in quest and get the next followup.
  25. Go to Tolaan at 72,60. Turn in Quest:The Missing Scout and get followup Quest:The Blood Elves.
  26. Kill 10 Blood Elf Scouts and return to Tolaan. Turn in Quest:The Blood Elves and accept followup Quest:Blood Elf Spy.
  27. Kill Surveyor Candress at 70,65. Loot the Blood Elf Plans from her and rightclick it to start Quest:Blood Elf Plans.
  28. If you are not 48% from level 6 yet, grind here until you are.
  29. Use your heartstone.
  30. Turn in Quest:Healing the Lake at Botanist Taerix.
  31. Shaman only: Turn in Quest:Call of Earth at Firmanvaar.
  32. Turn in Quest:Blood Elf Plans and Quest:Blood Elf Spy at Vindicator Aldar. Get the followup Quest:The Emitter.
  33. Turn in Quest:The Emitter at Technician Zhanaa and accept followup Quest:Travel to Azure Watch.
  34. You should now have dinged level 6. Sell junk and repair.
  35. Go see your class trainer for your level 6 spells.
  36. Go to Aeun at 64,54. Accept Quest:Word from Azure Watch
  37. You will now leave Ammen Vale to the west.