This sequence assumes you are already Level 5. If not, you should see Powerlevel Northshire Valley or other starting zone guide first.

If you started in Northshire, run to Goldshire and turn in Report to Goldshire you got from Marshal McBride. Most classes can't use the reward (Pikeman Shield) so you just do it for the XP and silver.

Now here is some simple steps for you:

Gathering Initial Quests

  1. Accept The Fargodeep Mine from Marshal Dughan.
  2. Go into the inn and accept the Kobold Candles quest from William Pestle. Remember to set your hearthstone to Goldshire while you're in there.
  3. Go outside and get the quest Gold Dust Exchange from Remy "Two Times"
  4. Go a bit south of Goldshire and kill boars till you have 4 Chunks of Boar Meat.
  5. Go Southwest until you reach the Stonefield Farm
  6. Get Lost Necklace from "Auntie" Bernice Stonefield. Do not accept the quest Princess Must Die! from Ma Stonefield at this time.

Stonefield and Maclures

  1. Next, go to the Barn at the Maclure Vineyards. Speak with Billy Maclure to accept the next chain of Lost Necklace quest. He asks you to bring 4 chunks of boar meat to Auntie Bernice Stonefield. But first there is one more thing to do.
  2. Go to the small house in the southeast end of the Maclure vineyards and get Young Lovers from Maybell Maclure.
  3. Return to the Stonefield farm. Speak with Tommy Joe Stonefield to exchange for Speak with Gramma.
  4. Auntie Bernice Stonefield will ask you to Back to Billy.
  5. Speak with Gramma Stonefield inside the little house behind. She's got a Note to William.
  6. Give Billy Maclure the Boar meat pie to get Goldtooth
  7. Go to the Fargodeep mine, enter the opening at the far left end, remember to kill every kobold in your way since they give large Candles and Gold dust for your quests.
  8. Continue into the mine till you see the Kobold named Goldtooth, kill him and take Bernice's Necklace.
  9. Exit and re-enter the mine using the far right entrance.
  10. Continue fighting your way in till you get the message that "the Fargodeep mine is completed", now go outside again
  11. If you still need any Gold dust or Large Candle, kill kobolds till you have them all.

Turning in

  1. Go to Auntie Bernice Stonefield with the necklace to complete the quest chain
  2. Now go back to Goldshire and turn The Fargodeep Mine. Do NOT take the follow-up! Turn in Gold Dust Exchange.
  3. Sell any unneccesary items and get your stuff repaired in the smithy.
  4. Go into the inn to turn in Kobold Candles and Note to William quests at William Pestle.
  5. Take the Shipment to Stormwind quest but don't take Collecting Kelp.

Eastvale Logging Camp

  1. Take A Fishy Peril from Remy and turn it in at Marshal Dughan, take the follow up, Further Concerns.
  2. Now go east till you get to a bridge where Guard Thomas is.
  3. Accept Find the Lost Guards and Protect the Frontier.
  4. Go north on the left side of the river, kill any mobs in your path.
  5. Go a little left and investigate the half-eaten remains, but you'll want to Discover Rolf's Fate.
  6. Go back to the bridge, go left and up to the Eastvale logging camp
  7. Turn around and take Red Linen Goods from Sara Timberlain
  8. Go a bit north and get A Bundle of Trouble from Supervisor Raelen
  9. Go east, towards the Centre-Upper part of the murloc camp. Kill any mobs in your path, also take any bundles of wood if you see any.
  10. Look for the remains of Rolf. When you see them just right-click them and accept Report to Thomas.
  11. Now kill the rest of the Young forest bears and prowlers you need to complete Protect the Frontier and find the rest of the bundles of wood you need.
  12. Turn in A Bundle of Trouble at Supervisor Raelen.
  13. Go to the bridge and turn in Report to Thomas and Protect the Frontier at Guard Thomas.
  14. Get the Bounty on Murlocs and Deliver Thomas' Report quests.
  15. Now head south the river to kill the needed murlocs. Head a little east to the Brackwell Pumpkin Patch and kill defias bandits till you have the needed Red Linen Goods.
  16. Go to Guard Thomas and turn in Bounty on Murlocs.
  17. Hearthstone back to Goldshire to turn in Deliver Thomas' Report at Marshal Dughan, picking up Cloth and Leather Armor.
  18. Now take the long trip back to Eastvale Logging Camp to turn in Cloth and Leather Armor and Red Linen Goods at Sara Timberlain.

Finishing off

  1. Follow the road to the far west, all the way to forest's end (It's a subzone)
  2. Here are some Gnoll-Related quests, don't take them if you are already level 10, if not... well, you were going to grind here anyway, so take ém.
  3. If you have time, find a group for doing Wanted: "Hogger" Quest. He's an lvl 11 Elite in the middle of the gnoll area so it is advisable to bring a Tank, a dps and a healer, at least.

CONGRATULATIONS! you are finally done with Elwynn, and you can now continue to... WESTFALL! (most advisable)

But that's the end of the guide for Elwynn Forest, hope you enjoyed it!