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Human 1-6


Northshire Valley is the starting point for humans, it is contained within Elwynn Forest. For those playing Gnomes or Dwarves, if you wish to use this starter area you will have to make your way to Ironforge and use the Tram to Stormwind.


  • Leave the area at or near level 6.


None required.


  • Do not pick up armor or weapons unless you can equip them. Stackable items are worth more and at start your pack space is highly limited.
  • You should kill everything that moves. Even after completing a quest in an area just take out anything you come across between that and the turn in.


  1. Accept the quest A Threat Within the go into the Abbey and turn in the quest.
  2. Accept the quest Kobold Camp Cleanup.
  3. Exit the Abbey, go to the North West corner of the building at 48,40 and accept Wolves Across the Border.
  4. Kill the wolves in that area working towards the Kobold Vermin which are in the same area.
  5. When both quests are complete turn in Wolves Across the Border at 48,40.
  6. Turn in Kobold Camp Cleanup at 48,42 inside the Abbey.
  7. Accept the Investigate Echo Ridge quest and your class quest, which will be one of the following, Glyphic Letter, Hallowed Letter, Tainted Letter, Consecrated Letter, Encrypted Letter, or Simple Letter
  8. Turn in your class letter at the appropriate trainer, most are inside the abbey, however the warlock and rogue are around the right side of the abbey.
  9. Accept the quest Brotherhood of Thieves outside the Abbey
  10. Head North West, to 47,32 to kill the Kobold Workers. Approach the mine to get the completion message for Investigate Echo Ridge
  11. Head to 54,40, across the water, in either the fields or woods to kill Defias.
  12. Go back to the front of the Abbey at turn in Brotherhood of Thieves. Accept the follow up quest of Milly Osworth and Bounty on Garrick Padfoot.
  13. Inside the Abbey turn in Investigate Echo Ridge and accept Skirmish at Echo Ridge.
  14. Turn in Milly Osworth at 50,39. She is next to the wagons. Accept the quest Milly's Harvest
  15. Return to where you fought the Defias across the stream. Pick up the grapes in the fields for Milly's Harvest.
  16. To the North East, near 57,48 there is a shack against the hill side. Kill Garrick and his friend for Bounty on Garrick Padfoot
  17. Head to the cave at 47,32, kill Kobold Laborers in and outside for Skirmish at Echo Ridge then return to the Abbey
  18. Turn in Bounty on Garrick Padfoot outside the Abbey.
  19. Inside the Abbey turn in Skirmish at Echo Ridge, accept the quest Report to Goldshire.
  20. Go to the top of the Abbey and turn in Grape Manifest.
  21. Head out of the zone, going towards the gates at 45,47 and accept the quest Rest and Relaxation. Follow the road to Goldshire