For Simone the Inconspicuous's pet, see Precious.

Precious is Rotface and Festergut's pet dog. He is a miniboss in The Plagueworks of Icecrown Citadel.


  • [Mortal Wound]ω ϖLasts 15 sec, stacks 10 times
  • [Decimate]ω ϖLasts 3 seconds, does not affect zombies
  • [Awaken Plagued Zomies]ω ϖZombies do not heal Precious when they reach it


Precious can be a shock if you pull it first. It does a Mortal Strike, stacking very quickly. The zombies are summoned each time he howls, spawning in a circle around Precious. Tanks should taunt Precious around every five stacks of Mortal Strike.

After the hound is dead, the zombies will not despawn. Players should keep kiting - using snares, paladin Holy Wrath, etc. Zombies will place a stacking debuff on any raid members they strike.

An alternative way to handle zombies is to have everyone collapse on the boss and set up an AoE kill zone.

Each zombie gives 2 reputation point per kill and Precious gives 150 points toward the Ashen Verdict.


Stinky and Precious have a mechanic which temporarily greatly increases weapon skill to ensure Mortal Wound will land. A few crits on the tank for about ~7-8k are expected and nothing to worry about.


The prize winning ribbon

  • Precious cries out with a loud, baying howl!
  • Rotface yells: What? Precious? Noooooooooo!!!


25-player Normal encounter

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