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The Primal Mooncloth Bag is a 20-slot container which can be made by Tailors.


This item is crafted by Tailors with a skill level of 375 using [Pattern: Primal Mooncloth Bag]. The components are:

The base components needed to make the 8 [Primal Mooncloth] are:

If you are spec'd for Primal Mooncloth Tailoring, the base components to make 8 [Primal Mooncloth] are:

You'll need some patience, because it requires 32 days to make 8 Primal Mooncloth for this bag (16 days if you have the Primal Mooncloth Tailoring specialization).

World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King Patch 3.0.8 (2009-01-20):  The cooldowns for [Shadowcloth], Primal Mooncloth, and [Spellcloth] transmutations have been removed.
Due to the above it's now possible to make a bag in one sitting, assuming you have all the materials.


The base components needed to make 4 [Primal Mooncloth Bag] (to provide you the maximum on-character storage) are:

You should have all these values already (except the [Netherweb Spider Silk]) if you are Primal Mooncloth spec'd.

As noted above, due to Patch 3.0.8, there is no longer a cooldown, so 128 days are not required.

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