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Author: KarlKFI (AnduinLothar)

  • Tracks the Professions of Sky users.
  • Adds Profession tooltip to friendsframe and guildframe.
  • Adds right-click dropdown menu item to friendsframe, guildframe, party members, target and chat links for requesting professions.

Slash Commands:

/gpl [name]
Manually request a profession list from a player by name or target (no name specified).
Alt: "/getproflist [name]"

The key to this addon is that both users must be using ProfessionTracker. This addon requires and will always require Sky.

Suggestion: use Meteorologist to have other sky users easily identified. You can only request from other Sky users, but you will only get the list from other ProfessionTracker users. Most useful for recording the professions of your guild and friends. I decided not to attempt and make this addon too smart and went with the 'Keep it simple, stupid' method. Remember that requesting sends a series of chat messages (hidden whispers) and can take up to 10 seconds before you receive a list.
- Courtesy Curse Gaming

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