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The project at Firewing Point[1][2] is an ominous scheme led by Pathaleon the Calculator, one of the lieutenants of prince Kael'thas Sunstrider, and Sharth Voldoun, overseer of the project and leader of the Firewing blood elves.[3]

The Final Code

Mana bomb prototype.

After the failure of the red crystals in Hellfire Peninsula, Sharth Voldoun created a small prototype of the mana bomb and used it to destroy the Cenarion Thicket as a vengeance for them destroying the Colossi.[3] A second mana bomb is being built at Firewing Point in Terokkar Forest, the location of the project, and is ordered by Pathaleon the Calculator to launch it against the Alliance and Horde. After the bomb is destroyed the player is told: "YOU DID IT! YOU SAVED US! YOU SAVED THE ALLERIAN STRONGHOLD/STONEBREAKER HOLD!", so it is confirmed that the mana bomb was intended for the Alliance and Horde towns in the area of Terokkar Forest. From this sense of logic we can say the Firewing Point project may have something to do with the destruction of the resistance in Terokkar Forest.[1][2]

Conversation between Pathaleon the Calculator's Image and Sharth Voldoun

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