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For Howling Fjord and Ember Clutch mobs, see Proto-Drake.
Neutral Proto Dragon
Faction/AffiliationNeutral, Vrykul
Average heightVaries by species and age

Proto-dragons (also spelled proto dragons or protodragons) are the long-forgotten forbearers of the dragon species living in Northrend.


The proto-dragons are the ancient, semi-sapient progenitors of the dragons seen today. From them, the Titans created the Aspects.[1][2]

Galakrond, a massive proto-dragon,[3] is referred to as the "Father of Dragons," but as Alexstrasza informs Kalecgos, that idea is just a myth that the five Dragon Aspects have allowed to permeate through history. In reality, after conquering Galakrond as proto-dragons, a group of Keepers turn Malygos, Alexstrasza, Nozdormu, Ysera, and Neltharion from proto-dragons into the five Dragon Aspects in order to protect Azeroth from any future threats as they did with Galakrond's cannibalistic madness.[4]

The Vrykul use them as flying mounts in the Howling Fjord and other parts of Northrend, and can be seen doing so in their constant siege of Valgarde. Wild proto-drakes can be seen in areas such as Storm Peaks and Sholazar Basin. Bronze proto-drakes from the Bronze Dragonshrine are used as mounts by the Argent Crusade in Icecrown. The Time-Lost Proto Drake is famous for being extremely hard to catch, a possible reflection on the species.


IconSmall ProtoRed.gif Red proto-dragons
Which appear most abundant throughout Northrend.
IconSmall ProtoBlue.gif Blue proto-dragons
Mostly only found in the Storm Peaks.
IconSmall ProtoGreen.gif Green proto-dragons
Haven't made an appearance, though one can be acquired through the Oracles.
IconSmall ProtoBronze.gif Bronze proto-dragons
Have been seen in Icecrown working alongside their dragon brethren.
IconSmall ProtoBlack.gif Black proto-dragons
Only one known (presumed), Broodmother Slivina in Sholazar Basin.
IconSmall ProtoWhite.gif Plagued proto-dragons
Plagued blue proto-drakes (presumed), can be found in the Storm Peaks and Icecrown.
IconSmall ProtoPlated.gif Plated proto-dragons
Created from the blue proto-drake Veranus into Razorscale, under control of the Iron army.
IconSmall ProtoViolet.gif Violet proto-dragons
Only appears as a mount won through achievements

Known Proto-dragons

Name Role Type Condition
IconSmall ProtoViolet.gif Galakrond Largest known dragon and the progenitor of dragonkind. Remains can be found in the Dragonblight where the Scourge is attempting to reanimate him. Proto-Dragon Deceased
IconSmall ProtoBlack.gif Broodmother Slivina Proto-dragon broodmother in Sholazar Basin. Ordered killed by Dorian Drakestalker. Proto-Dragon Killable
IconSmall ProtoIronbound.gif Veranus Proto-dragon broodmother nesting near Brunnhildar Village in the Storm Peaks. Served as Thorim's mount. Transformed into Razorscale in Ulduar Proto-Dragon Killable
IconSmall ProtoRed.gif Flamebringer Favored mount of Thane Torvald Eriksson, kept in Voldrune in the Grizzly Hills. Used against him in his demise. Proto-Drake Alive
IconSmall ProtoBronze.gif Glory Bronze proto-drake in service of the Argent Crusade. Proto-Drake Alive
IconSmall ProtoBlue.gif Grauf Blue proto-drake found in Utgarde Pinnacle serving as mount to Skadi the Ruthless. Proto-Drake Killable
IconSmall ProtoBlue.gif Safirdrang Blue proto-drake who serves as mount to Overthane Balargarde, lord of Balargarde Fortress in Icecrown. Proto-Drake Killable
IconSmall ProtoRed.gif Zeptek the Destroyer Red proto-drake called the Destroyer. Found in Sholazar Basin serving as Warlord Tartek's mount. Proto-Drake Killable

As a flying Mount

Main article: Proto-drake mounts

In World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King, several proto-drake mounts are available as rewards for various achievements, as well as a few that drop from mobs and bosses:

Mount type Speed increase Availability
Ability mount drake proto.png [Time-Lost Proto-Drake] 100% on land, 280% in air Drops from the rare mob Combat Time-Lost Proto Drake.
Ability mount drake proto.png [Blue Proto-Drake] 100% on land, 280% in air Rare drop from Combat Skadi the Ruthless.
Ability mount drake proto.png [Green Proto-Drake] 100% on land, 280% in air Low chance to hatch from Inv egg 02.png [Mysterious Egg], purchasable at Revered reputation from The Oracles once every three days.
Ability mount drake proto.png [Red Proto-Drake] 100% on land, 280% in air Reward for completing Money achievement.png Glory of the Hero.
Ability mount drake proto.png [Violet Proto-Drake] 100% on land, 310% in air Reward for completing Money achievement.png What a Long, Strange Trip It's Been.
Ability mount razorscale.png [Ironbound Proto-Drake] 100% on land, 310% in air Reward for completing Money achievement.png Glory of the Ulduar Raider (25 player).
Ability mount razorscale.png [Rusted Proto-Drake] 100% on land, 310% in air Reward for completing Money achievement.png Glory of the Ulduar Raider (10 player).
Ability mount drake proto.png [Black Proto-Drake] 100% on land, 310% in air Was rewarded from Money achievement.png Glory of the Raider (25 player). No longer obtainable.
Ability mount drake proto.png [Plagued Proto-Drake] 100% on land, 310% in air Was rewarded from Money achievement.png Glory of the Raider (10 player). No longer obtainable.
All proto-drake mounts require level 70 with the riding skill artisan (300)



  • In an early Beta of Wrath, proto-dragons were represented as pale white drakes, using the model now used by the [Albino Drake].
  • Though many proto-drakes are present in Northrend, no fully matured proto-dragons are to be found, with the possible exception of Broodmother Slivina and Veranus.
  • A Proto-Drake would take decades to mature. Most humanoid creatures in Azeroth would never live to see a Proto-Drake go from hatchling to fully mature Drake.


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  • Proto-dragons have a considerable likeness to the devilsaurs and pterrordax that inhabit Un'goro Crater, meaning that the dragons themselves could have evolved from the dinosaurs.