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Qia is a level 51 trade goods vendor located in Everlook in the contested territory of Winterspring.

See List of Winterspring NPCs.



  • As of 3/27/18 (version, the patterns do still rotate in their timing and frequency.
  • The patterns will randomly change from being top of the first page, the end of the last page(s).
  • There does appear to be a time randomization script in play that varies the respawn rate by +/- 200% (?) of the base rate.
  • Side Note: It has been postulated that with phasing now in play, there is no way to accurately account for 'missed' times.

Notable items she sells:
Inv scroll 03.png
[Pattern: Mooncloth]
Inv scroll 03.png
[Design: Necklace of the Diamond Tower]
1g 35s[2]
Inv scroll 03.png
[Pattern: Frostsaber Boots]
1g 60s[3]
Inv misc note 01.png
[Formula: Enchant Chest - Major Health]
1g 60s[4]
Inv scroll 03.png
[Pattern: Runecloth Bag]
1g 20s[5]
  1. ^ Persistent, unlimited Supply.
  2. ^ Limited supply of 1 with a ~5-10 minute timer.
  3. ^ Limited supply of 1 with a ~20-30 minute timer.
  4. ^ Limited supply of 1 with an ~30 minute timer.
  5. ^ Limited supply of 1 with a ~60 minute timer.

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