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This article or section includes speculation, observations or opinions possibly supported by lore or by Blizzard officials. It should not be taken as representing official lore.

The following is a list of not so legal items this NPC could refer to, however, they are not available to players.


  • Arcanum of Vicious Agility
  • Arcanum of Vicious Intellect
  • Arcanum of Vicious Strength
  • Baradin's Footman's Tags
  • Baradin's Wardens Bandage
  • Baradin's Wardens Battle Standard
  • Baradin's Wardens Commendation
  • Baradin's Wardens Healing Potion
  • Baradin's Wardens Mana Potion
  • Baradin's Wardens Tabard
  • Blade of the Fearless
  • Dagger of Restless Nights
  • Darkheart Hacker
  • Greater Inscription of Vicious Agility
  • Greater Inscription of Vicious Intellect
  • Greater Inscription of Vicious Strength
  • Impatience of Youth
  • Insidious Staff
  • Mandala of Stirring Patterns
  • Mirror of Broken Images
  • Ravening Slicer
  • Reins of the Spectral Steed
  • Reins of the Drake of the West Wind
  • Rustberg Gull
  • Shimmering Morningstar
  • Sky Piercer
  • Spear of Trailing Shadows
  • Stump of Time
  • Tol Barad Searchlight
  • Unsolvable Riddle

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