Gahk has asked you to acquire a Fel Whip. Bring it to him at Ogri'la atop the Blade's Edge Mountains.


Gahk think being smart is dumb sometimes. Gahk not want to think. Me want little <race> to smash big demons! Dey have some chiefs, and da chiefs all have whips to hurt da little demons. You bring Gahk a whip! You challenge demon chief in forge camps at burning, green, fel crystal prism. Use many apexis shards to get dem to come. Dey called Galvanoth, Braxxus, Zarcsin and da Mo'arg Incinerator.


You will receive:13g 20s


Yous have da whip?


Gahk like whip.  Maybe Gahk take whip and beat demons with it! Me say to <race> that <race> summon demon chiefs anytime <race> have friends and many shards.


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

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