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A Slow Death is a once-daily collection quest, available starting at neutral reputation with Netherwing after completing N [70] Your Friend On The Inside.


Yarzill the Merc at Dragonmaw Base Camp in Shadowmoon Valley Shadowmoon Valley wants you to use Yarzill's Mutton in conjunction with Fel Glands to poison 12 Dragonmaw Peon Camps.

You will need:


To use [Yarzill's Mutton], players are required to collect [Fel Glands] which drop from all wildlife in Shadowmoon Valley, excluding the creatures on the Netherwing Ledge. In patch 3.0.8, the drop rate for [Fel Glands] has been increased to 100%.

A good place to farm glands is at the Fetid Pool, near Legion Hold. Here Mutant Horrors drop glands and are close to each other, making AOE a viable option to quickly get your 12 glands.

This quest can be completed in a group as long as all players are in range of the camp being poisoned when the mutton is dropped. Only 12 or so glands need to be looted group-wide, so this will lessen the pain of the quest. It is advised that someone in the group has a spare gland or two in case one of the camps inevitably bugs.

The Dragonmaw Peon camps on the Netherwing Ledge can bug out on occasion. Be certain to only use the mutton near camps where at least 2 non-disobedient peons are actively mining.

It should be noted that though the poisoned mutton will attract the entire "pull" of peons, only one will count towards the quest.


The Dragonmaw have peons stationed at nearly every crystal formation up here. While the outright slaying of them would draw far too much unwanted attention to you, there is a way that we can thin their numbers and remain below the suspicious eyes of Mor'ghor.

Venture into the wilds of Shadowmoon Valley and slay the tainted wildlife. Take from them their corrupt fel glands. Use those fel glands with this mutton that I'll give you near the peons. They'll take one bite and fall deathly ill!


You will receive: 11g 99s ( 4g 40s + converted XP)


It is dirty work, <name>.


<Yarzill speaks in a low whisper.>

Excellent work, <name>. Lay low for now. Come back to me tomorrow and we can do it again.

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