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Abandoned Hope is a quest in the Great Masquerade quest chain.


Give Marshal Maxwell the bad news.

Quest text

Bolvar is a fool. I was gathering his precious 'proof' so that I could shove it down his throat.

He is a blind buffoon. Proof stands two feet away from him and he does not see.

As for my data, it's lost. Gone. Unrecoverable.

Should I ever find Ironfoe and make it out of this labyrinth, my first stop will be Stormwind, to place my hammer in between that reptile's eyes.

Leave me, <name>.


He's gone mad, apparently.

<Maxwell lowers his head in mourning.>

It is unfortunate that a once proud and noble warrior would be turned into a blithering head case. I GUESS we've reached a dead end...

I must reward you for your efforts thus far, <name>.


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

Quest progression

  1. A [54] Dragonkin Menace
  2. A [54] The True Masters
  3. A [54] The True Masters
  4. A [54] The True Masters
  5. A [54] The True Masters
  6. A [54] The True Masters
  7. A [54] The True Masters
  8. A [54] Marshal Windsor
  9. A [54] Abandoned Hope
  10. A [58] A Crumpled Up Note
  11. A [58] A Shred of Hope
  12. A [58] Jail Break!
  13. A [60] Stormwind Rendezvous
  14. A [60] The Great Masquerade
  15. A [60] The Dragon's Eye
  16. A [60] Drakefire Amulet

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