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Thoralius the Wise wants you to search Nifflevar while you are in the spirit world and find information about the Secrets of Nifflevar.

  • Secrets of Nifflevar Uncovered


All that we know of the vrykul indicates that they only recently appeared in Northrend. Why, then, are we seeing vrykul in visions that date back 15,000 years? Surely if the vrykul had previously existed in Northrend we would have known.

You must press on to Nifflevar. To get there go northeast, through Wyrmskull Village, then take the path leading up through the dam. Nifflevar is on the bluffs of the fjord.

Use the incense burner once you arrive at Nifflevar and search the area for clues.


You will be able to choose one of these rewards
Inv gauntlets 16.png
[Bluevelt's Special Occasion Gloves]
Inv gauntlets 12.png
[Nimblefinger Scaled Gloves]
Inv pants plate 16.png
[Antique Reinforced Legguards]
Inv helmet 108.png
[Imperious Worghide Cap]


What have you discovered?


Human children born of vrykul? And Ymiron ordered the deaths of all human offspring?

<Thoralius goes silent for a moment.>

As much as I wish to deny what is so plainly presented to me, I cannot. There is no extinct "missing link" to humans as the Explorers' League proposed. The vrykul are the missing link. They are the progenitors of humanity.


Use the Inv elemental primal air.png [Incense Burner] in Nifflevar. Around

[69, 55]

in Nifflevar, a large crowd of Vrykul will be gathered with King Ymiron alone on an upper bluff when the script event starts:

Ancient Citizen of Nifflevar says: Vrykul must remain pure!
Ancient Citizen of Nifflevar says: Show the aberrations no mercy, Ymiron!
Ancient Citizen of Nifflevar says: Show them mercy, my king! They are of our flesh and blood!
Ancient Citizen of Nifflevar says: They weaken us! Our strength is diluted by their very existence! Destroy them all!
Ancient Citizen of Nifflevar says: All hail our glorious king, Ymiron!
Ancient Citizen of Nifflevar says: Let him speak! Be silent!
Ancient Citizen of Nifflevar says: The king is going to speak!
King Ymiron motions for silence.
Ancient Citizen of Nifflevar says: Silence!
King Ymiron yells: Vrykul, your king implores you to listen!
King Ymiron yells: The gods have abandoned us!
The crowd gasps in horror.
King Ymiron yells: Even now, in our darkest hour, they mock us!
King Ymiron yells: Where are the titans in our time of greatest need? Our women birth aberrations - disfigured runts unable to even stand on their own! Weak and ugly... Useless...
King Ymiron yells: Ymiron has long toiled. Long have I sat upon my throne and thought hard of our plight. There is only one answer... one reason...
King Ymiron yells: For who but the titans themselves could bestow such a curse? What could have such power?
King Ymiron yells: And the answer is nothing... For it is the titans that have cursed us!
The crowd clamours.
King Ymiron yells: On this day all Vrykul will shed their old beliefs! We denounce our old gods! All Vrykul will pledge their allegiance to Ymiron! Ymiron will protect our noble race!
The crowd cheers.
King Ymiron yells: And now my first decree upon the Vrykul! All malformed infants born of Vrykul mother and father are to be destroyed upon birth! Our blood must remain pure always! Those found in violation of Ymiron's decree will be taken to Gjalerbron for execution!

Quest progression

  1. A [71] Into the World of Spirits
  2. A [71] The Echo of Ymiron
  3. A [71] Anguish of Nifflevar

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