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Beat down at least 6 Scourge Siege Engineers to discover details about Gidwin's location and his captor.


We paladins are normally taught to exercise judgment and control when dealing with foes, but this is an emergency, and I never paid too much attention to my trainers anyhow.

I'm going to head into the Plaguewood and find out what I can about Giddy. You deal with the Scourge just to our northeast, on the other side of this tower. The undead don't fear death, but if you beat them enough, their tongues might slip, and we may get some clues to Gidwin's location.


I wish I could join you, but I'm not much for fighting. I've protected Gidwin as much as I could... he needs you to protect him now, <name>.


It sounds like you were successful. Hopefully this is enough information to find Gidwin.


You will recieve: 65s


Interrogation fails

  • Scourge Siege Engineer says: I will tell you nothing, <race>-pig!
  • Scourge Siege Engineer says: I do not fear death at your hands, <race>!
  • Scourge Siege Engineer says: The dwarf belongs to our kind now, not yours!
  • Scourge Siege Engineer says: She will never return the dwarf to you!

Discovering Gidwin's location

Scourge Siege Engineer says: The Plaguewood is too big! Your friend is gone! You will never find him!

Discovering Gidwin's captor

Scourge Siege Engineer says: Foolish <race>! You seek the dwarf? Baroness Anastari has hidden him well!

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