Take Petrov's Cluster Bombs and drop them on enough pirates to kill or destroy 25 Blockade Pirates and 10 Blockade Cannons. Once you've accomplished that, return to Bombardier Petrov at Westguard Keep.

Provided item:


All of our ships are sunk! We need your help to break the pirate blockade below in the Shattered Straits!

Take these cluster bombs and hitch a ride on the zeppelin that Harrowmeiser has 'loaned' to us. He'll fly you over the decks of those pirate bastards, and you make sure to give it to them good!

If you can't bomb them to smithereens, I'm afraid we'll never be able to break the blockade.


You will receive: 4g 70s


We're talking again are we? That must mean that you've done it! You've shown those rotten Northsea pirates a thing or two!



That's what I wanted to hear! You've got the stuff, <name>, that's for sure!

You think maybe you could come back again tomorrow when we've made more cluster bombs?

I'd have you back out there right now, but my assistant, Feknut, isn't back from collecting more bat guano for them.

I wonder what's taking him so long?


Both Blockade Captains and Blockade Deckhands qualify.

Prior to Patch 3.3.3, a player with a flying ability could land on one of the crossbars of a ship and bomb the pirates from there. A quick pattern could be established and the quest completed within a couple minutes, as opposed to waiting for the zeppelin to plod along its course. This may have been fixed in a patch prior to 3.3.3, but was only first noted afterwords.

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