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Talk to Khadgar, who summons one of his servants to take you on a guided tour of Shattrath City, providing you with the background of the Aldor and Scryers factions, ultimately providing you with the quest that requires you to choose one of them.


Follow Khadgar's servant and listen to its story. Return to Khadgar after completing this task.

  • City of Light


Do not burden A'dal with petty inquisitions, <class>. That just might be the most powerful being you ever come face to face with.

You do not look familiar. I suppose you want to learn about the city?

You'll have to excuse me if I don't give you a tour myself, but I'm a bit busy discussing strategy with A'dal. Perhaps you'll find a summoned servant acceptable in my stead? Excellent!


The stories of men are ephemeral, <name>. The stories of cities last well into the years.


I hope you learned a thing or two about Shattrath, <name>. It might take some time for things to sink in.


NOTE: This quest takes approximately 8.5 minutes to complete - Khadgar's Servant takes you on a guided tour of Shattrath City.

For the full text of his conversation with you, see Servant's Event.

When the tour is over, Khadgar's Servant returns you to the upper level of A'dal's chamber, and disappears. Don't immediately jump down and talk to Khadgar - if you do it too soon, you won't be able to complete the quest and will have to do the whole tour over again by abandoning the quest and getting it again from Khadgar. Wait until you get the completion (less than 15 seconds) and then go talk to Khadgar.

In previous versions, you could skip following the Servant and simply wait on the northwest balcony for it to arrive and give you the quest completion. It is unknown what version this changed, but as of 7/31/09, this no longer works. Once the Servant has traveled outside your targeting range, it disappears; and you have to abandon the quest and start over.

Additional notes

Completing this quest gives you access to the quests that require you to decide which faction you want to align with - the Aldor or the Scryers.

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