This quest makes available the quests The Failed World Tree and A Dark Influence, leading to Ursoc, the Bear God.


Bring Mikhail's Journal to Lieutenant Dumont in Amberpine Lodge.


The journal was written by a denizen of Silverbrook named Mikhail. It details the arrival of a shadow-worshipping group called the "wolfcult."

The villagers were reluctant to embrace the cult at first, but sympathizers sprung up gradually among town residents.

Unsettled by this, Mikhail sent his daughter Sasha away from Silverbrook while he attempted to reason with the other villagers.

Mikhail's last entry mentions a meeting of local town leaders to discuss unspecified events in Hollowstone Mine.


You will be able to choose one of these rewards:

Inv helmet 124.png
[Abandoned Hood]
Inv chest leather 03.png
[Discarded Miner's Jerkin]
Inv shoulder 95.png
[Patched Trapper Pauldrons]
Inv boots plate 01.png
[Rusty Cave Stompers]


What's that you've got there?


I imagined there would be more to this than just an isolated town of hostiles.

We have men near Hollowstone Mine, perhaps it would be in our interest to do a little research.


The journal that starts this quest is dropped by Silverbrook Hunters and Vladek. You are most likely to be hunting these mobs during the course of Alliance A Swift Response or HordeMy Enemy's Friend.

Quest progression

  1. A [73] The Hills Have Us (optional)
  2. A [74] Local Support
  3. A [74] Close the Deal
  4. A [74] A Tentative Pact
  5. A [74] An Exercise in Diplomacy
  6. A [74] Wolfsbane Root and A [74] Northern Hospitality
  7. A [74] Test of Mettle
  8. A [74] Words of Warning
  9. A [74] Escape from Silverbrook
  10. A [74] A Swift Response
  11. A [74] Descent into Darkness
    Makes available the alliance version of the Ursoc quest chain starting with The Failed World Tree and A Dark Influence.
  12. A [74] Report to Gryan Stoutmantle... Again
  13. A [75] Hollowstone Mine
  14. A [75] Souls at Unrest
  15. A [75] A Name from the Past
  16. A [75] Ruuna the Blind

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