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Bring the Divino-matic Rod to Chief Engineer Bilgewhizzle in Gadgetzan.

Sergeant Bly stole from me! He said he'd only borrow it, but he stole my cherished divino-matic rod!! Without that rod how will I know where to dig new water holes??

Find Bly and bring me my rod! I heard he led his band of ill-reputed adventurers to go treasure hunting in Zul'Farrak to the west. I bet you'll find him there.

Let's hope the trolls took care of him, because if you have to fight him for the rod then you're in for a serious fight.


You will be allowed to choose one of the following:


Go to the top of the pyramid in Zul'Farrak (down the entrance to the right from the Gaz'rhanka's pool), and kill the Sandfury Executioner. He drops the Executioner's Key which you use to open the cages. Opening the cages triggers the event.

The whole event is like a bad pull that you know about in advance. Once the cages are opened, the 5 NPCs move forward to the front of the pyramid top. Looking down below, you see a large crowd of Sandfury trolls - almost all are non-elites, but there are at least 2 elites in the second wave. They trickle up a few at a time, then the first large mob (10-15) charges. Once the first mob is cleared, you have about 30 seconds before the second wave comes up, the same as the first.

Once the second wave is cleared, Sergeant Bly will suggest that you move forward. The NPCs move down the pyramid to its base, and the battle continues there. Your best bet is to take out the two named elites and stop the spawning. Start with the caster because she generates heals and is probably the one spawning the adds. She is a boss but not particularly hard to kill.

The key to survival is protecting the weaker NPCs. They deal significant DPS. It's suicidal to use AOE except at the very end of attack waves. Another lesson: it is inefficient to rely on ranged weapons, due to recurring line of sight issues. Best bet is to dive right in, backing off occasionally if you need to bandage.

NPCs in order of priority:

  1. Oro Eyegouge (lvl 44 Orc Warlock)
    He is usually the first NPC to die. If you protect him he will continue to cast rain of fire and put DOTs on incoming trolls. He is an aggro magnet. Melee attacks disrupt his rain of fire and seriously reduce his dps. If you keep him aggro free, the trolls die quickly and your odds improve greatly. Toward the end of each wave he will run out of mana, and jump into melee combat.
  2. Murta Grimgut (lvl 44 Dwarf Priest)
    She is the only NPC who heals, making her very important. Mostly she struggles to keep the rogue NPC alive. But she will also shield or heal you, if she has the mana. Healing causes her to draw aggro from every loose mob running up the stairs. She is more robust than the warlock, presumably because she can shield herself. When she runs out of mana she will jump into melee. If you keep her alive, the rogue's odds improve as well.
  3. Raven (lvl 44 Human Rogue)
    She stands in the front row and takes a severe beating. But she deals lots of damage and is important to protect. If the warlock and priest are free of mobs, go help the rogue.
  4. Weegli Blastfuse (lvl 44 Goblin Engineer)
    This guy is surprisingly tough. He deals area damage using land mines and bombs. This brings him aggro, but he can usually handle it. Unless you wipe, the goblin will most likely survive. Which is fortunate because he is needed afterward, to blast a nearby gate.
  5. Sergeant Bly (lvl 45 Human Warrior)
    He is a very durable warrior, able to look out for himself.

After completing the event you can pick a fight with Bly. This allows you to kill Bly for the quest, but in the meantime it triggers the goblin to run off and blast the nearby gate. Behind that gate is another boss who minds his own business until you are ready. If you don't have the quest involving Bly, you can just ignore him and ask the goblin to blast the gates.

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If you solo this quest, it is important to clear all the elites at the base of the pyramid, those to either side of the center of the area, and the patrols (especially the two troll with basilisk patrol) as well. They will become part of the event if they are still alive, and you will have your hands full with the regular mobs without having additional elite mobs making it more difficult.

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