Bring the Field Sampling Kit to Apothecary Zinge in the Undercity.


The kit is ready, <name>. No doubt that Apothecary Zinge will want this as soon as possible. Take it to her without delay, and let her know that I will add the cost of the kit to the Society's tab. Also, please extend to her my warmest salutations.

Well, don't just stand there. Such is the life of a simple courier, yes?


Yes, I think Luca is as disturbing as you do. It matters not - hand me the field sampling kit. I will need to make some adjustments to it in order to survey for the proper base materials.

You have the kit, don't you?


Good - it pleases me to be working with someone who takes pride in not wasting my time.

After I make some adjustments to this kit, you'll be ready to head out into the field. You'll be using it to collect some vital data to the task at hand.

It will take just a moment for me to finish the modifications. While you are waiting, you should probably start thinking about what you'd like to bring to the desert with you.

Yes, I said the desert.


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

Quest progression

  1. H [45] Errand for Apothecary Zinge
  2. H [45] Errand for Apothecary Zinge
  3. H [46] Into the Field
  4. H [46] Slake That Thirst
  5. H [46] Tanaris Field Sampling
  6. H [46] Return to Apothecary Zinge

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