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A daily quest to gain reputation with the skyguard. Available at Neutral reputation.


Seek out Monstrous Kaliri Eggs on the tops of Skettis dwellings and use the Skyguard Blasting Charges on them. Return to Sky Sergeant Doryn.

Quest Text

You think you have what it takes to be part of the Skyguard? We'll have to see how you handle yerself in the air.

The arakkoa are breeding a gargantuan variety of their attack pets and are using it against our scouts. I want you to take these blasting charges and use them to destroy hatcheries above the arakkoa's dwellings. Avoid the monstrous kaliri guarding the hatcheries. They'll knock you off your mount before you know what hit you.


Did you finish your assignment yet?


Excellent job, <name>! That'll show those bird men the meaning of air superiority!


  • 12650 XP (Translated to 7g 59s)
  • 4g 40s (for a total of 11g 99s at 70)
  • +350 Sha'tari Skyguard reputation

Quest progression


The blasting charges are usable only while in flight. Both flying mounts and druid flight form count. You do have to be fairly close to the target. Once you've clicked your target, you can continue moving during the "cast" time of the bombs.

The eggs are in clusters at the top of the dwellings. On small platforms at the top of the larger ones, in the hole at the top of the trunk of the smaller, snag (dead tree) ones.

Useful tactics if you aggro one of the Monstrous Kaliri:

  • Land and fight it. Prevents further interruption from that one, at least. About as tough as a standard mob of its level.
  • Flee over the lake. If you get dumped off, you fall in water.
  • Use caution when flying into the hills; if you are dismounted, the drop may kill you in a location that is impossible to reach without a flying mount. If this happens along the western portion and you are hopelessly stuck, walk to the Auchindoun graveyard and seek the spirit healer. You will be rezzed back in the Skettis graveyard when you do so.
  • Use various methods to improve the chance of surviving a drop, including slow fall (mages), levitate (priests), as well as the cloak you can purchase when you are revered with the Sha'tari.
  • If you are a druid using flight form, it is better to fly away from the birds rather than fight them, as you cannot get dismounted (and if you switch out of flight form you can't fly again until you are out of combat, so fleeing is safer).
  • If you know a druid with flight form, they can aggro the birds to let you attack the eggs safely, then flee once you are done with a particular batch of eggs.
  • If you are crit immune to raid bosses based off your Defense, you will not get dazed off. This mostly applies to Paladins and Warriors, as Druids have flight form to begin with.
  • Simply land on one of the egg platforms or bridges, the birds will immediately de aggro and fly away.

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