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Gaining Acceptance is a quest that must be completed in order to gain reputation points with the Thorium Brotherhood. Players must be friendly with the Thorium Brotherhood before this quest is offered, and have completed the What the Flux?.


You've worked your way up through the Brotherhood's corporate hierarchy, <race>. We have begun to look favorably upon you. Quite an accomplishment!

If you're interested in more work and earning more respect amongst us, listen up.

We can refine the fiery flux by adding a simple Dark Iron residue to the mix. The Dark Iron residue can be found in Blackrock Depths.

Bring me all the Dark Iron residue you find!

Keep the residue pouring in!



25 reputation with the Thorium Brotherhood.


  • This quest is repeatable up to Honored.
  • It takes 960 Dark Iron Residue to go from 0/6000 Friendly to 0/12000 Honored.
  • It is recommended that any uncompleted quests for the Thorium Brotherhood be postponed until Honored for maximum reputation gain.
  • Getting from Friendly to Honored reputation requires repeating this quest turn-in 240 times. This is a slow manual process. You may find it helpful to create the following macro to aid in turning the quest in:
/script SelectGossipAvailableQuest(1)
/script CompleteQuest()
/script GetQuestReward()
This will allow you to initiate chat (manually) and then simply click your macro in rapid succession to turn the quest in. Because of changes in the ways macros work, this makes the 1 macro act like /castsequence would.
  • Alternately the addon TitanBG allows for autocompletion of repeatable turnin quests.
  • Since Patch 3.1.0, the Gaining Even More Acceptance allows a player to turn in 100 Dark Iron Residue at a time, and the reputation reward is 25 times the reward for this quest, speeding the turn-in process.

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