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This quest ends with Greatmother Geyah in Garadar, Nagrand, and completes the Hero of the Mag'har quest chain.


Assuming that Thrall has not already made an appearance, following the turnin, a lengthy cutscene will begin.

Warning: If Thrall is already there and you turn in the quest, the cutscene will not trigger. If you want to see the movie, you'd better turn it in when Thrall is not there.


Return to Greatmother Geyah at Garadar in Nagrand.

Quest Text

I must set things in order before I leave. Return to the Greatmother and tell her that her grandson comes.


Transcript from final cutscene

When you talk to Greatmother Geyah, you will see many of Thrall's Kor'kron elite guards aligned in two rows of wolfriders at the entrance of Garadar. Thrall will appear by Garrosh, and will start walking uphill toward the Main Hall. There Thrall kneels down in front of Greatmother Geyah, and sits. Thrall will stay there for a few hours talking to her. The Horde gets buffed. You will see thunderbolts spreading and jumping from player to player throughout Nagrand.

War drums echo in the distance.
Thrall yells: At long last, I am home...
Thrall, Drek'Thar and the Kor'kron honor guard approach from the east.
Three defenders speak, choosing random lines off of this list.
Garadar Defender says: He carries the Doomhammer!
Garadar Defender says: I am unworthy, son of Durotan. We are all unworthy...
Garadar Defender says: Who is he? He looks so familiar.
Garadar Defender says: For the first time, I feel safe. I do not know you, stranger, but I know that I would lay down my life for you if only you asked.
Garadar Defender says: Could it really be? The son of Durotan?
Garadar Defender says: Are the rumors true? Does he really carry the Greatmother's bloodline?
Garadar Defender says: I have never felt such strength radiate from an orc. Is he... mortal...
Thrall, and Drek'Thar leave the honor guard at the Garadar east gate and walk silently through the town.
Approaching the center of town, Thrall views Garrosh for the first time.
Thrall says: Hellscream! Blessed ancestors! He is the mirrored reflection of Grom, Drek'Thar.
Thrall says: I am sorry that I did not come sooner, young Hellscream. There is so much that I have to tell you about your father, but first you must tell me where I may find the Greatmother.
Garrosh says: We are honored by your presence, son of Durotan. The Greatmother awaits you at the hospice.
Thrall says: I thank you, Garrosh. We have much to discuss when I return from my visit with the Greatmother.
Thrall walks up towards the hut housing the Greatmother

Thrall conversing with Greatmother Geyah.

Thrall says: Greatmother...
Greatmother Geyah says: I have been expecting you, young one. Come closer - my eyes are not as sharp as they once were.
Greatmother Geyah says: Yes, you move like my son. You have his broad shoulders - ahh, and your mother's fierce eyes.
Thrall says: Greatmother... Am I...
Greatmother Geyah says: There is no doubt - you are the heir of Durotan... my grandson. Draka told me she was with child before she and your father left our world, but I never dared dream that they would survive...
Thrall says: They... did not, Greatmother. They were killed shortly after I was born. I never knew them. I was raised as a slave. To this day, I carry the name of Thrall.
Greatmother Geyah says: Thrall? You've been a slave only to the past, grandson! But no more! When last I saw him, Durotan told me the name he would give his unborn son... He was... so proud...
Greatmother Geyah wipes a tear away.
Greatmother Geyah says: Go'el. You are Go'el, son of Durotan - rightful chieftain of the Frostwolves. This day, grandson - you are the great joy of my heart.
Thrall says: I have dreamed of this moment all my life, Greatmother. 'Till now, all I've had were Orgrim's stories about my parents and their adventures on Draenor. He was my greatest teacher and dearest friend. He died a hero... They all died as heroes - and for all of them, a song of honor remains.
Greatmother Geyah says: I see that you hold the Doomhammer. Have all of our greatest heroes fallen, grandson?
Thrall says: They died honorably, Greatmother.
Greatmother Geyah says: What of Grommash? What of Hellscream?
Thrall says: He died as our greatest hero. It was Grom who freed us all... I was by his side when he struck down Mannoroth and ended the curse forever.
Greatmother Geyah says: Blessed spirits! For twenty years, all we knew was that Grom was the first to drink from the cursed chalice and bring damnation down upon our people... It is the only truth his son, Garrosh has ever known.
Greatmother Geyah says: Grandson, will you... Will you tell Garrosh what you have told me about his father?
Thrall says: Tell him? Greatmother, that boy's father died so that all of us could live free of the blood curse. I will tell him nothing. I will show him! Show him and any that would doubt Hellscream's resolve exactly what Grom Hellscream did for all orcs!
Thrall says: Please excuse me, Greatmother. I will return soon.
Thrall returns to Garrosh.
Thrall says: Garrosh, son of Hellscream, your father lived and died as our greatest hero. Honor me by allowing me to show you what your father sacrificed so that we could live free of the demon's grasp.
Garrosh says: As you wish, Thrall, son of Durotan.
Thrall and Garrosh walk to the elemental ring.
Thrall yells: Spirits give me strength! Take from my soul these old wounds and expose them for all to see! Let this child know his father! Let these people know their savior!

A vision of Grom Heallscream created for Garrosh.

An image of Thrall, Grom Hellscream, and Mannoroth appears in the ring.
Mannoroth laughs.
Mannoroth says: So predictable. I knew you would come. And I see you've brought the mighty Hellscream.
Mannoroth says: His blood is mine, as is your whole misbegotten race.
Thrall roars in defiance.
Thrall attacks Mannoroth but is rebuffed.
Mannoroth says: A worthy effort, but futile.
Mannoroth attacks Thrall, who falls to the ground.
Mannoroth laughs.
Mannoroth says: The boy believed you could be saved, but he didn't know what burns within your soul when in your heart, you know we are the same.
Grom Hellscream says: NOOOO!
Grom Hellscream charges Mannoroth striking a mighty blow, only to find he has been mortally wounded himself.
Grom Hellscream says: Thrall... The blood haze has lifted.
Grom's eyes go dim as the blood curse is lifted.
Grom Hellscream says: The demon's fire has burnt out in my veins. I have... freed myself.
Thrall says: No, old friend. You've freed us all...
The image fades quietly.
Garrosh says: For my entire life I have thought my bloodline cursed. I have lived beneath the shadow of my father's greatest failure.
Garrosh says: I hated him for what he had done. I hated him for the burden he left me. But now...
Garrosh says: You have shown me truths that I would have never known. You and your allies have gifted me with something that cannot bear a price: Redemption. Thrall, redeemer of the Mag'har, you honor me as none ever have...
Garrosh says: On this day, a great burden has been lifted from my chest. My heart swells with pride. And for the first time, I can proudly proclaim who I am. I can finally unleash the fury in my heart.
Garrosh yells: I am Garrosh Hellscream, son of Grom, chieftain of the Mag'har! Let the battle call of Hellscream give you courage and strength! Be lifted by my rallying cry.
Garrosh says: Thank you, Son of Durotan.
Thrall says: You need not thank me, Garrosh. Your father was a brother to me. I would do anything for you and the Mag'har. I must now return to the Greatmother.
Thrall walks back to the hut.
Thrall says: I have returned, Greatmother. Garrosh has found his heart and his fury.


  • After Thrall reveals the truth of Grom's death to Garrosh, Garrosh yells, granting the Hellscream's Warsong buff to all Horde players in Nagrand.
  • After the cutscene, Thrall will sit down with the Greatmother. Some time after, Greatmother Geyah will despawn. As she was already dying of old age, this may mean that she finally passed away in the presence of her grandson. She will respawn immediately after.

Quest progression

This quest was removed from the quest chain below. It used to be after H [68] Thrall, Son of Durotan.

Hero of the Mag'har quest chain

  1. H [68] A Visit With the Greatmother
  2. H [68] Material Components
  3. H [68] To Meet Mother Kashur
  4. H [68] The Agitated Ancestors
  5. H [68] A Visit With The Ancestors
  6. H [68] When Spirits Speak
  7. H [68] A Secret Revealed
  8. H [68D] Auchindoun...
  9. H [68G] What the Soul Sees
  10. H [68] Return to the Greatmother
  11. H [68] The Inconsolable Chieftain
  12. H [68] There Is No Hope
  13. H [68] Thrall, Son of Durotan
  14. H [68] Hero of the Mag'har

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