Recover Sha'ni's Nose-Ring from Krom'Grul and return it to Thal'trak in Kargath. Search the various caves and mines in Dreadmaul Rock.


My whole platoon was captured, <name>. All were slain - except me.

Their leader, Krom'Grul, wanted to save me for some sort of ritual.

I was chained to this altar and brutalized by the beast. My physical being ceased functioning after an hour of this torture. The beast then ripped my wedding nose-ring off of my face and stuck it on his finger. I had never seen such savagery!

Find Krom'Grul and kill him! Take my ring back to Thal'trak.

And <name>, tell him that we will meet again... in another life.


Did you find Sha'ni? Is she ok?


<Thal'trak collapses.>

We were going to move to the Hinterlands. Did she tell you? This was going to be her last mission.

<Thal'trak sobs.>

I don't want it, <name>. Keep it, throw it away, I don't care! The ring means nothing to me now. Not without her...


You receive
Inv jewelry ring 06.png


Quest progression

  1. H [52] Dreadmaul Rock
  2. H [53] Krom'Grul