Gerk at Thrym's End in Zul'Drak wants you to kill 15 Vargul.

  • Vargul slain (15)


They... They killed my brother.

<Gerk fights back tears.>

Slaughtered him like he was some sort of animal. Now they got him laid out on one of their tables on the other side of the camp, ready for their grizzly experiments. Dargath's dead too. The paladin made a heroic stand at the ruins to the northeast, but the leader of the Vargul, Algar, was too strong.

I'm all that's left and I'll be dead soon too. I... I'm turning.

If the Light won't grant me vengeance, maybe you will, <class>. Kill them all.


You will receive: 12g 40s


You're doing the world a favor, friend. These monsters must be stopped!


<Gerk is dying.>

Th... They say these Vargul are the... the ones that weren't found worthy by the Lich King. Can... Can you im... imagine it? Just th... think how powerful the... the... worthy must be...

I'll say a prayer for you in the hereafter, hero... May you never have to face them in number.

Quest progression

  1. N [75] Crusader Forward Camp
  2. N [76] That's What Friends Are For...
  3. N [76] Light Won't Grant Me Vengeance

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