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Rina Moonspring has asked you to bring her 4 Thunderlord Dire Wolf Tails. After doing so, return to her at Sylvanaar in the Blade's Edge Mountains.


The filthy races of the Horde have taken over a settlement to the east. They've brought with them a large pack of the dire wolves that they prefer to use as mounts and sentries. These sentries have been marauding across the bridge that separates us. They've been stalking our fey drakes, which are critical to the pollination of the Living Grove. Use the east exit to traverse the bridge over Bloodmaul Ravine that leads to the Jagged Ridge to the east, and bring me their tails as proof!


You will receive:3g 50s


I cannot stress strongly enough the need for those Thunderlord dire wolves to be dealt with.  Their very existence endangers the stability of the Living Grove and all of our work here.


Good.  I'll see if I can fashion something useful from these tails. No doubt that the Horde will find a way to replenish the numbers of their wolf pack, but for now we can breathe a little easier. <name>, if you are willing there's something else that I would ask of you in defense of Sylvanaar and the Living Grove.


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

  • 11300 XP (or 6g 78s at level 70)

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