Speak with Gryphon Commander Urik at the gryphon station in Wintergarde Keep.


Lord Fordragon has led a crushing assault against Arthas at the Wrathgate. In response to this affront, Arthas has sent Naxxramas down upon us. While Kel'Thuzad hides in the floating citadel, his ground commander, Thel'zan, lays siege to Wintergarde Keep. The lower village is already lost and any chance of extracting survivors from the ruins diminishes by the minute.

We must act quickly! Report to Gryphon Commander Urik at the gryphon station at once! He'll get you up to speed.

Leave me!


<Urk points to a gryphon.>

Have you ever ridden one of those? It's simple, friend. Just hop on and tell it where to go.

Quest progression

  1. A [72] The Lost Courier (optional, starts in Borean Tundra, leads to Stars' Rest)
  2. A [72] Of Traitors and Treason (Stars' Rest or Howling Fjord)
  3. A [72] High Commander Halford Wyrmbane (Stars' Rest or Howling Fjord)
  4. A [72] Naxxramas and the Fall of Wintergarde
  5. A [72] Flight of the Wintergarde Defender
  6. A [72] Return to the High Commander
  7. A [72] Rescue from Town Square & A [72] The Fate of the Dead
  8. A [72] Find Durkon!
  9. A [72] The Noble's Crypt
  10. A [73] Secrets of the Scourge
  11. A [73] Mystery of the Tome
  12. A [73] Understanding the Language of Death
  13. A [73] A Righteous Sermon

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