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No Mere Dream is part of the Swift Flight Form quest chain quest chain.

Clintar Gathering the Relics


Protect Clintar Dreamwalker's Spirit while it gathers the relics of Aviana, then speak to Dreamwarden Lurosa.

  • Assist Clintar in gathering the relics


<Clintar listens as you relay Morthis' instructions, nodding, but clearly fearful.>

I cannot extricate myself fully from the Emerald Dream to help you, but a fragment of my spirit will guide you in your search for the relics. Guard it well, <race>, for it is a fragile thing.

The Emerald Dream itself has become an alien, dangerous place. Its grasp on me is strong, and I will not be whole until the Emerald Dream returns to normalcy. What you see around you is but an echo of the reality inside the dream!


You are fortunate that Clintar was strong enough to maintain the split in his essence for so long, <name>. Few druids can manage that kind of feat while under attack in Emerald Dream. Guard the relics well!


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:


It has been reported that there is a bug that prevents Clintar's spirit from starting on its journey if you are in Cat or Bear form, but is apparently okay if you are in Moonkin or are unshifted.

You will visit 3 relic sites. Note that Clintar's spirit really is pretty feeble; you will need to get aggro all along the way. On the plus side, only the last site has more than one foe, the first two sites can be easily handled. On the down side, the spirit will get aggro from further than you will, and you will need to work a bit to take mobs off of him.

Somewhere between the second and third relics (or at either site), you will also encounter an Aspect of the Raven.

Cutscene on accepting quest

Clintar Dreamwalker's Spirit says: A shadowy, sinister presence has invaded the Emerald Dream. Its power is poised to spill over into our world, <name>. We must oppose it! That's why I cannot accompany you in person.
Clintar Dreamwalker's Spirit says: I will guide you to the location of the relics, but you must guard my spirit well. As the guardian of the relics, only I can break the seals on the reliquaries.
The spirit leads you into other rooms, where you face creatures such as Manifest Nightmare. Some of these have the form of birds.
Clintar Dreamwalker's Spirit says: that's the first relic, but there are still two more. Follow me, <name>.
You face another Manifest nightmare near the second reliquary.
Clintar Dreamwalker's Spirit says: I've recovered the second relic. Take a moment to rest, and then we'll continue to the last reliquary.
at some point between the second and third reliquaries, as described above, you encounter the Aspect of the Raven. While the Manifest Nightmares were smallish, white creatures, the Aspect of the raven is a golden color and much larger.
Aspect of the Raven yells: Foolish druid! Dividing your essence has weakened you, opening the door for my master to dominate the Emerald Dream. Your spirit and body will die here!
after defeating the Raven and arriving at the chamber of the third relic...
Clintar Dreamwalker's Spirit says: We have all three of the relics, but my energy is rapidly fading. We must make our way back to Dreamwarden Lurosa! He will let you know what to do next.
You escort the spirit back to the Dreamwarden, defending it against any Phantasmal Lashes that may be encountered.
Clintar Dreamwalker's Spirit says: Lurosa, I am entrusting the Relics of Aviana to <name>, who will take them to Morthis Whisperwing. I must return completely to the Emerald Dream now. Do not let <name> fail!
Clintar Dreamwalker's Spirit hands the Relics of Aviana to Dreamwarden Lurosa.


This is the full quest line for the Druid Swift Flight Form.

  1. N [70] Morthis Whisperwing
  2. N [70] The Ward of Wakening
  3. N [70] Waking the Sleeper
  4. N [70] No Mere Dream
  5. N [70] Return to Morthis Whisperwing
  6. N [70] To the Evergrove
  7. N [70] The Book of the Raven
  8. N [70] Eyes in the Sky
  9. N [70] To Catch A Sparrowhawk
  10. N [70] The Raven Stones
  11. N [70] The Eagle's Essence
  12. N [70] The Falcon's Essence
  13. N [70] The Hawk's Essence
  14. N [70] Return to Cenarion Refuge
  15. N [70] Chasing the Moonstone
  16. N [70D] Vanquish the Raven God
  17. N [70] Eternal Vigilance

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