The Assassin is a quest which sends the adventurer to ambush an assassin. It begins a quest chain through which Horde players become neutral with the Mag'har.


Nazgrel wants you to travel to the road north of Hellfire Citadel and look for an assassin named Krun Spinebreaker.


<name>, we recently uncovered a plot to assassinate our envoy to Falcon Watch. Hellfire Citadel learned of our plans to send an expedition there earlier this morning and set up an ambush.

Our scouts have informed me that an assassin known as Krun Spinebreaker waits along the road north of the Citadel. Go there and slay this assassin. Show the fel orcs we're not to be trifled with!


This quest is known as the Mankrik's Wife of Outland.

To find the assassin, follow the road west from Thrallmar. Go past Hellfire Citadel and the Pools of Aggonar. Once you pass the pools, start following the hills on the north side of the road. You'll eventually find the assassin, or what's left of him, at

[33, 43]


IMPORTANT: This quest chain must get completed in order to get friendly with the Mag'har. If you don't complete it, you won't be able to talk to most of the people in Garadar in Nagrand. Alternately you can do the Garadar quest The Impotent Leader.

UPDATE: The above is no longer the case in 4.0.1. The last 2 quests in the chain have been removed completely. Thus, after completion of the chain, reputation will be at about 700/3000 Neutral.

Prerequisites for this quest chain are parts of the Through the Dark Portal (Horde) quest chain.


The corpse matches the description of Krun Spinebreaker, Hellfire Citadel's assassin. As you turn the body over, you notice a stone axe protruding from his back.

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