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Investigate the Black Knight's claims and return to Crusader Rhydalla at the Argent Tournament Grounds with your findings.


No doubt you've heard the disturbing rumors about the contestant the others are calling the Black Knight. It's said that any rider who was scheduled to face him in combat has met an untimely end.

Of course, we have no definitive proof of anything, but it wouldn't hurt to look into this knight's background.

He claims to be descended from the Cooper family of Westfall. Would you visit their residence in the western part of Moonbrook in Westfall? See if you can find any proof of his story.


Have you found anything related to the Black Knight's story?


So you're saying this knight's story is a sham? Most suspicious. Dishonorable at the least, and murderous at the worst. Still, we can't confront him until we know for certain whether he was involved in these murders.

Do nothing to arouse his suspicions, <name>. Discretion will serve us well as we continue to investigate.


The Cooper family home is between the entrance to Deadmines and the town hall on the western side of Moonbrook. Just inside on the first floor at

[42.1, 69.7]

is the Inv misc book 08.png [Dusty Journal] lying on the ground.

Quest progression

  1. A [80] The Black Knight of Westfall? -or- H [80] The Black Knight of Silverpine?
  2. N [80] The Seer's Crystal
  3. N [80] The Stories Dead Men Tell
  4. N [80] There's Something About the Squire
  5. N [80] The Black Knight's Orders
  6. After reaching the rank of Champion:
    N [80] The Black Knight's Fall
  7. Starting in Patch 3.2.0:
    N [80] The Black Knight's Curse
  8. N [80] The Black Knight's Fate

Patches and hotfixes

World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King Patch 3.1.0 (14-Apr-2009): Added

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