Thoralius the Wise wants you to search Wyrmskull Village while you are in the spirit world and find information about the Secrets of Wyrmskull.

  • Secrets of Wyrmskull Uncovered


The spirit world has fallen under the sway of the Lich King. Fearsome creatures made of pure nightmare now stand watch over the realm of the elements. I sense that these val'kyr are guarding a terrible secret.

I am too old and weak to survive another journey. You must go in my place, <name>.

Take this incense burner to Wyrmskull Village and use it to enter the spirit world. Find the large dwelling in the northeast! Avoid the val'kyr at all costs lest they make you a permanent fixture in their world.


What have you discovered?


I do not understand. The creatures you saw looked like the vrykul that are attacking Valgarde?


Get into Wyrmskull Village and use the Inv elemental primal air.png [Incense Burner]. Avoid all mobs! The quest objective is in the longhouse

[60.3, 51.5]

by the harpoon launchers on the dock.

Players who wander too far in Wyrmskull will draw the attention of The Lich King in the following script event:

The Lich King? In Wyrmskull?

The Lich King turns to face you.
The Lich King casts "Magnetic Pull" and "Grasp of the Lich King" on you.
The Lich King grins.
The Lich King says: Shamanism has brought you here... Its scent permeates the air. *The Lich King laughs* I was once a shaman.
Val'kyr Soulclaimer says: Shall we prepare it for you, my lord?
The Lich King says: No, minion. This one is not ready.
The Lich King says: Do you feel it, mortal? Death seeps through me, enveloping all that I touch. With just a snap of my finger your soul will languish in damnation for all eternity.
The Lich King says: But... It is not yet your time to serve the Lich King. Yes, a greater destiny awaits you. Power... You must become more powerful before you are to serve me.
The Lich King says: Now watch, val'kyr. Observe as I apply pressure. Can you see that it is not yet ripe? Watch as it pops and falls lifeless to the floor.
The Lich King casts "Wrath of the Lich King" on you. "Wrath of the Lich King" killed you.

Aggro him again, and the Lich King says something different when he casts "Wrath of the Lich King":

The Lich King says: Persistence or stupidity? It matters not. Let this be a lesson learned, mortal!

To complete the quest, find the ancient male and female vrykul in one of the longhouses on the dock:

What's that in the crib?

Ancient Male Vrykul says: So then we too are cursed?
Ancient Male Vrykul points to the infant.
Ancient Female Vrykul sobs.
Ancient Male Vrykul says: The gods have forsaken us! We must dispose of it before Ymiron is notified!
Ancient Female Vrykul says: NO! You cannot! I beg of you! It is our child!
Ancient Male Vrykul says: Then what are we to do, wife? The others cannot find out. Should they learn of this aberration, we will all be executed.
Ancient Female Vrykul says: I... I will hide it. I will hide it until I find it a home, far away from here...

Quest progression

  1. A [71] Into the World of Spirits
  2. A [71] The Echo of Ymiron
  3. A [71] Anguish of Nifflevar

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