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The Mechagnomes gives you lore-background on the Distress Call quest chain.


Listen to Fizzcrank Fullthrottle's tale and then find Jinky Wingnut at Fizzcrank Airstrip.

  • Fizzcrank's tale listened to.


Now that you're here, it's time for me to tell you the full story of what's going on.

After you've heard my tale, go outside and find my second-in-command, Jinky Wingnut. She'll handle everything from here on out.


Hello there.


The old man sent you to me, huh? He tell you everything that's going on out here?

Good... let's take care of business then!


GossipGossipIcon.png Tell me what's going on here, Fizzcrank.

Fine then, have a seat. This might take a while.

When we first came to this frozen hell, General Arlos, down in Valiance Keep, gave my group of flying daredevils and I a special task: to establish a forward airbase for the Alliance operations.

This airstrip is the result. Let me tell you, it wasn't easy, what with all the nasty beasts and the ground rock-hard from being frozen! But we managed, and we did it quickly too!

Anyway, we needed to pump up lots of sand and oil for the machinery. The nearby pools proved to be perfect for that.

Some of the sand even proved to have magical properties... can you say possibilities!? But that's a different tale.

So, we drained most of the water out and build the pumping station smack dab in the middle. Everything was going swimmingly until one day the main suction pipe got clogged. Mind you, this part I learned later because I wasn't out there at the time.

When they ratcheted up the suction on the pump, up came pieces of a robot that looked like a gnome! Of course the fools worked night and day to put it back together without telling us.

This is when we lost communication with the pumping station.

After a couple of days of silence, I sent a scouting party out to the platform. They never returned.

I sent another group the next day with the same results, and lost a couple of flying machines out on aerial recon.

At that point I sent someone south to find help, and we hunkered down to prepare for the worst. We turned all of our attention to making armor, weapons and robots so that we could head out there in full force.

When we did a few days ago, we couldn't believe our eyes!

As I was saying, what we saw out there defied explanation.

My people where nowhere to be found, but in their place as a veritable army of robots and androids going about their business!

The droids all looked like gnomes and they said that they'd been expecting us. In fact, in their own strange way, they acted like they knew us. We were surrounded and quickly taken to the top of the pumping station.

That's where we saw their leader and what he was doing to the surviving gnomes!

He called himself Gearmaster Mechazod. When we arrived he was busy transforming the survivors into mechanical beings!

He greeted us warmly and explained that he was one of the first gnomes ever to be created by something he called "The Grand Architect", a Titan keeper from within the halls of fabled Ulduar.

Apparently, he was the blockage that my team had accidentally sucked up from where he'd malfunctioned thousands of years ago. It was just our luck that we'd built the pumping station right above him.

The station's mechanics had put him back together, bringing him back to "life".

And now, by way of thanks, he was going to return the favor by curing all of us of what he called the "Curse of the Flesh".

According to Mechazod, it's a condition that eventually befalls all creations of the Titans! In other words, we all supposedly start out as robots of some kind, and, over thousands of years, slowly turn into fleshy beings!

Preposterous, I know.

It didn't look like much of a "cure" to me, and I wasn't about to stand around listening to some crazy robot while he was butchering my people!

We did what any sane gnome would do... we ran! Well, actually, most of us parachuted off the side of the platform, but you get the picture.

Not many of us managed to make it back here, and we're still spread thin from having to deal with everything else too, like the magnataur to the north and the Scourge to the east. To make things worse, the Horde just set up shop to the northwest!

And that's where we find ourselves now, <name>.

We can't possibly deal with all of this by ourselves, and quite frankly, I feel a little out of my depth. Jinky knows what needs to be done. You should go see her now.

I just hope you'll be able to get us out of this with our bodies intact.

Quest progression

  1. A [71] Distress Call
  2. A [71] The Mechagnomes
  3. A [71] Re-Cursive
  4. A [71] Lefty Loosey, Righty Tighty
  5. A [72] The Gearmaster

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