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The Not-So-Friendly Skies... is a once-daily collection quest, available starting at neutral reputation with Netherwing after completing N [70] Your Friend On The Inside.


Yarzill the Merc at Dragonmaw Base Camp in Shadowmoon Valley Shadowmoon Valley wants you to recover 10 Netherwing Relics.

You will need:


[Netherwing Relics] drop from Dragonmaw Transporters in Dragonmaw Skyway. As with Yarzill's other quest, N [70] A Slow Death, the drop rate for the quest items is low enough to annoy many players.

Fly to one of the large floating rocks and perform any ranged ability on a transporter to engage it. Transporters can cast an aimed shot from point-blank range for upwards of 2000 damage on cloth, so be wary and stun if possible.

Note that sometimes when the Transporters are pulled on the floating rock, they may bug out and not complete getting onto the ground after dismounting from their netherdrake. Players are still able to damage, kill, and loot when this happens.


On the northeast edge of this island exists a dock used for the packaging and transport of Netherwing crystals and relics. Dragonmaw Transporters transport the goods from the dock to Dragonmaw Fortress while Dragonmaw Ascendants guard the ground from any would-be attackers.

This leaves one opening for you to make a strike at the Dragonmaw: The Dragonmaw Skyway.

Fly to the shattered islands of the Dragonmaw Skyway and ambush the transporters that use the route. Recover our stolen relics!


You will receive: 11g 99s (4g 40s + converted XP)


Dead orcs tell no tales, <name>. Make sure those Dragonmaw transporters do not escape.


<Yarzill whispers.>

You are doing the Netherwing a great service, <name>. Slowly, we will topple the Dragonmaw. From the inside a disease now grows - a disease with no cure...

Return to me tomorrow if you are interested in more work at the Dragonmaw Skyway.


  • The Dragonmaw transporters do not always land as they are supposed to, and will hover overhead, out of melee range, and continue shooting at you with poison DoT and 2,000 direct damage shots. Running around to make them move to face you sometimes breaks them loose.

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