Defend Medivh against waves of attackers until the opening of the Dark Portal is complete.


Sa'at inside the Black Morass of the Caverns of Time has tasked you with defending Medivh until he succeeds in opening the Dark Portal.

Return to Sa'at should you succeed in your task.

  • The Dark Portal Opened

Provided Item:


Beyond this timeway, in the heart of the Black Morass, the Guardian, Medivh, feverishly works to open the Dark Portal, heralding in the age of orcs upon Azeroth.

The Infinite have sent their rift lords to stop this from happening.

Scattered across the morass, rifts will materialize. Infinite will pour out of the rifts and attempt to destroy Medivh's shields and, ultimately, Medivh.

Kill their rift lords and leaders! Do this until Medivh succeeds. Use this chrono-beacon should you require aid.


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

  • 19000 experience (or a 11g 40s compensation at level 70)
  • 500 reputation with Keepers of Time


You have done well, <name>. The child, Andormu, wishes to speak to you once more.

Quest progression

  1. N [66] To The Master's Lair
  2. N [68] The Caverns of Time
  3. N [68] Old Hillsbrad
  4. N [68] Taretha's Diversion
  5. N [68] Escape from Durnholde
  6. N [68] Return to Andormu
  7. N [70] The Black Morass
  8. N [70] The Opening of the Dark Portal
  9. N [70] Hero of the Brood

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