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Channel the Flameseer's Staff to weaken Baron Geddon.

Provided item: Inv staff 85.png [Flameseer's Staff]


Ragnaros is not the only powerful elemental that has re-emerged into our world.

The dreaded Baron Geddon is leading the onslaught and we must put an end to this rampage.

The Flameseer's Staff has proven powerful. Perhaps it is powerful enough to weaken him to the point where our arch druids can bind him where he stands.

Go, <name> and be careful. Baron Geddon is a vengeful and treacherous being.


You will be able to choose one of these rewards
Inv bracer 79.png
[Heatbinder Wristplates]
Inv axe 1h cataclysm b 01.png
[Axe of Grounded Flame]
Inv mace 1h cataclysm b 02.png
[Druidic Channeler's Mace]

You will also receive: 15g 60s


Is it done yet, <name>?


Well done, <name>. We cannot afford to lose any further ground in Hyjal.

By stopping Baron Geddon we will have dealt a huge blow to the enemy.


Head to the Circle of Cinders in the center of the valley. Welcome back to Molten Core. Geddon is being tanked by Galrond of the Claw, dpsed by Telessra and three-healed by the Arch Druids of Hyjal. Geddon has ~53 million health and maintains two classic abilities:

  • [Inferno]—Surrounds the caster with an inferno that periodically inflicts Fire damage to nearby enemies or 8 sec. While the caster is aflame, she cannot move or use her abilities. Instant. 8 second channel. Triggers...
    • [Inferno]—Channels the flames of the molten core to deal Fire damage to all nearby enemies. Damage increases the longer Inferno is channelled. First tick hits for 2500, doubles every other tick!
  • [Living Bomb]—As a final act of revenge, Baron Geddon has made you a living bomb! Move away from your allies! "Cast" on the player after reaching 20 stacks. After 10 seconds, the player and any units within 5 yards are thrown upward and will take fall damage on landing.

The bear and cat dutifully run out when Geddon casts Inferno, along with some color commentary:

  • Galrond of the Claw yells: Fall back!!!
  • Galrond of the Claw yells: Here it comes, fall back!
  • Galrond of the Claw yells: Move back! His flames are too intense!
  • Galrond of the Claw yells: Look out!
  • Galrond of the Claw yells: Move back!
  • Galrond of the Claw yells: Get away from him until the fire dies down!

The staff has a 10 yard range, so it will be necessary to move in and out too. The Arch Druids are standing outside the radius of Inferno, so use them as a stopping point, or stick to Galrond. It takes 20 seconds of channeling to complete the quest, but those seconds need not be consecutive... not that they can be.

This quest ends Furion's portion of the chain. Resume the Emerald Allies chain to continue the storyline.

Quest progression

  1. A [80] Hero's Call: Mount Hyjal! / H [80] Warchief's Command: Mount Hyjal!
  2. N [81] As Hyjal Burns
    • Side chain under Nordrassil:
    1. N [81] Inciting the Elements & N [81] The Earth Rises
    2. N [81] Flames from Above
  3. N [81] Protect the World Tree
    • Furion's side chain:
    1. N [81] War on the Twilight's Hammer & N [81] The Flameseer's Staff
    2. N [81] Flamebreaker
    3. N [81] The Return of Baron Geddon
  4. N [81] Emerald Allies
  5. N [81] The Captured Scout
  6. N [81] Twilight Captivity
  7. N [81] Return to Alysra
  8. N [81] A Prisoner of Interest
  9. N [81] Through the Dream
  10. N [81] Return to Nordrassil

Patch history

World of Warcraft: Cataclysm Patch 4.0.3 (15-Nov-2010): Added

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