Perform the Shattered Salute on Shenthul.

  • Shattered Salute Performed


As a rogue of the Shattered Hand, it is imperative that you learn the Shattered Salute. It is the only way to truly identify another member of the Hand.

Watch, learn, repeat.


Well done, <name>. You are now ready to proceed.



This is a simple quest, and its main purpose is to teach the player the /salute emote (which the player will be required to do in the next quest in the series). Begin the quest and wait a few moments. Shenthul will start talking (in the chat window, not a quest dialog window), and eventually instructs the player watch him carefully as he performs the Shattered Salute. Once he is finished, the player should target him and use the /salute emote. Shenthul should acknowledge the salute and the question mark above him should turn gold. The player may then speak to him again to finish the quest. If there are any problems, the player can abandon the quest and try it again.

Quest progression

  1. H Rogue} [24] Rogues of the Shattered Hand
  2. H Rogue} [20] The Shattered Salute
  3. H Rogue} [21] Deep Cover
  4. H Rogue} [21] Mission: Possible But Not Probable
  5. H Rogue} [21] Hinott's Assistance
  6. H Rogue} [21] Hinott's Assistance

Additional Notes

This used to be the first quest in the series that results in the player learning the Poisons skill. Since patch 3.0.2 there is no Poison skill.

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