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Completing this quest allows the blacksmith to ask for weaponsmithing specialization. You must have at least 200 Blacksmithing skill, and have asked Myolor Sunderfury about weaponsmithing, to be offered this quest.


To become a Weaponsmith, you must make the following items and return them to Ironus: 4 Moonsteel Broadswords, 4 Massive Iron Axes, 2 Heavy Mithril Axes, and 2 Big Black Maces.


As a weaponsmith you'll find that more often than not, heroes and adventurers will be coming to you for gear. While the workload can be unbearable at times, the riches more than make up for the back strain and ash lung.

Oh yes, <name>, weaponsmiths are the ones with all the gold!

If you wish to join our ranks, you'll need to show me that you can make me a silver or two - I mean, show me that you've got what it takes to be the go to <guy/girl> when people need superior quality weapons. Get to work!


<Ironus is busy stacking gold coins into neat little piles.>


About time! I've got customers waiting.

Give those here and pay attention. You're going to take the first step in your career as a weaponsmith.


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

  • 3150 XP (or 19s 20c at level 70)

Materials Required

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