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They Took Our Men! starts the long quest chain to unlock the Sons of Hodir reputation faction. Being able to fly in Northrend is a requirement for this quest chain.

Quest:Equipment Recovery is a complementary quest to this.


Gretchen Fizzlespark wants you to go to Sifreldar Village and rescue 5 Goblin Prisoners.

  • Goblin Prisoner Freed: 5


You have to help us! We were in the middle of an expedition into the mountains to set up a transmission tower when we were attacked.

They looked like Vrykul, except their skin was blue and layered with frost.... and they were all female! They took all the men in the expedition and let us women go. Please, <name>! We think they're being held in Sifreldar, the village overlooking K3.


You will be able to choose one of these rewards
Inv shoulder 06.png
[Fur-Lined Shoulder Warmers]
Inv gauntlets 07.png
[Fur-Lined Mittens]
Inv bracer 16.png
[Summit Bracers]
Inv chest plate19.png
[Chestguard of the Frozen Ascent]
Inv jewelry ring 16.png
[Frozen Mood Ring]


Did you find our men, <name>?


You did it! Our boys are back!


The Sifreldar hyldnir drop a Inv misc key 05.png [Cold Iron Key], which is used for the Rusty Cages in and around Sifreldar.

Quest progression

  1. N [79] They Took Our Men!
  2. N [79] Leave No Goblin Behind
  3. N [79] The Crone's Bargain
  4. N [79] Mildred the Cruel
  5. N [79] Discipline
  6. N [79] Examples to be Made
  7. N [79] A Certain Prisoner
  8. N [79] A Change of Scenery
  9. N [80] Is That Your Goblin?
  10. N [80] The Hyldsmeet
  11. N [80] Taking on All Challengers
  12. N [80] You'll Need a Bear
  13. N [80] Going Bearback
  14. N [80] Cold Hearted
  15. N [80] Deemed Worthy
  16. N [80] Making a Harness
  17. N [80] The Last of Her Kind
  18. N [80] The Warm-Up
  19. N [80] Into the Pit
  20. N [80] Prepare for Glory
  21. N [80] Lok'lira's Parting Gift
  22. N [80] The Drakkensryd
  23. N [80] Sibling Rivalry
  24. N [80] Mending Fences (+28,600 The Sons of Hodir)
  25. N [80] The Refiner's Fire
  26. N [80] A Spark of Hope (+28,600 The Sons of Hodir)
  27. N [80] Forging an Alliance (+325 The Sons of Hodir)
    Mandatory side quest:
    1. N [80] You Can't Miss Him (+97 The Sons of Hodir)
    2. N [80] Battling the Elements (+98 The Sons of Hodir)
      • Prerequisite for daily: N [80 Daily] Hot and Cold (+455 The Sons of Hodir)
  28. N [80] A New Beginning
  29. N [80] Veranus
  30. N [80] Territorial Trespass
  31. N [80] Krolmir, Hammer of Storms (+455 The Sons of Hodir)
    Mandatory side quest:
    1. N [80] In Memoriam (+325 The Sons of Hodir)
    2. N [80] A Monument to the Fallen (+97 The Sons of Hodir)
  32. N [80] The Terrace of the Makers
  33. N [80] The Earthen Oath & N [80] Loken's Lackeys
  34. N [80] The Reckoning
  35. N [80D] Whatever it Takes! (+650 The Sons of Hodir) & N [80D] Diametrically Opposed

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