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Thrusting Hodir's Spear is a daily quest for The Sons of Hodir faction, available after hitting honored with them and having done Raising Hodir's Spear. It involves the new vehicle mechanics introduced in Wrath of the Lich King.


You are to use Hodir's Spear to challenge a Wild Wyrm in the Valley of Ancient Winters. Once in its grip, you are to fight to the death.


Hodir's Spear is an icon of great prowess in battle.

Its mere presence instills a deep hunger for glory in all who enter Dun Niffelem. In fact, simply being near it has compelled you to test your own abilities.

Scanning the horizon, your vision locks on a wild wyrm as it flies nearby.

It is decided. Of you and he, only one shall see the next sunrise....


It is done.

You have stared certain death in the face and emerged victorious.

By single-handedly defeating such a mighty beast, you have brought great honor to Dun Niffelem!


You will receive: 16g 53s



All damage done to you is based on a percentage of your total hit points. The size of your health bar does not matter, but you need to be at full health.

You need to locate an elite wyrm flying above the path west of Dun Niffelem, and use the Spear of Hodir while under it to pull it down. You will then grab onto its chest and hang on for dear life, while the wyrm tries to knock you off with its claws.

While on the wyrm, you get a buff on yourself which represents your grip on the wyrm, Wild Wyrm's Grip. It will start at 60, and can go up to 100. If it reaches zero, you will let go and plummet to your death (unless you have slow fall available -- Snowfall Lager can be purchased from vendors for 2x Relic of Ulduar).

The wyrm itself will have 100,000 HP.

Phase 1

On phase 1, you're given four spells on your vehicle bar:

  • 1: Grab On - "Grab the Wild Wyrm more tightly, strengthening your Grip by 10." Increases your grip buff by 10. Instant, no cooldown.
  • 2: Dodge Claws - "Pull yourself close to the Wyrm's chest to avoid claw strikes for 2 sec." Allows you to dodge the claws of the wyrm for the next 2 seconds. Instant, 3 second cooldown.
  • 3: Thrust Spear - "Jabs at the Wild Wyrm, inflicting 1000 to 1300 Physical damage. This ability loosens your grip on the Wyrm by 5." Deals 1000 to 1300 damage to the wyrm. Decreases grip by 5. Instant, no cooldown.
  • 4: Mighty Spear Thrust - "Drives your spear deep into the Wild Wyrm's chest, inflicting 9000 to 11000 damage, but you cannot take other actions while you wrest the spear free. This ability loosens your grip on the Wyrm by 15." Deals 9000 to 11,000 damage to the wyrm, but puts your Dodge Claws ability on cooldown for four seconds, and decreases grip by 15. Instant, 10 second cooldown. This ability also resets the cooldown on Dodge Claws. Try to use this right after you attempt to dodge a claw swipe.

Note: Before you enter the vehicle, after the spear is thrust, you have a small window to cast heal over time effects on yourself, or shielding effects. These won't last through most of your flight, but it will help reduce the damage you take by a good 1000 HP or more. Most heal over time effects and heal on damage effects do not work, but shielding effects and a small amount of heal over time effects do.

Note: You must get the wyrm down to 20% health before you pass over Dun Niffelem or your grip will plummet quickly and you'll fall.

Phase 2

Wild Wyrm shrieks in pain and twists around, grabbing you with his mouth!

On phase 2, you're given two spells on your vehicle bar:

  • 1: Pry Jaws Open - "Pry open the jaws of the Wild Wyrm, exposing its throat. Increases chance to hit with Fatal Strike by 5% per application. Lasts 10 sec." Adds a stacking debuff on the wyrm increasing the hit chance of Fatal Strike by 5% per application, stacks up to 20. Instant, no cooldown.
  • 3: Fatal Strike - "Drive your spear down the throat of the Wild Wyrm, inflicting fatal damage. The Wild Wyrm's jaws must be pried open to hit with this attack." Instantly kills the wyrm, has 0% chance to hit without Pry Jaws stacked. Instant, 4 second cooldown.


First of all, while learning this it is good to take off all clothing. This will not affect your survivability, but may save you a large repair bill. This quest is frustrating to learn, but fun once you get the hang of it.

One way to do phase 1, is to spam Grab On and Thrust Spear one after another, until you get an emote stating the wyrm gets ready to use its claws (Wild Wyrm swipes at you with his claws!) and then hit Dodge Claws (DODGED!) and Mighty Spear Thrust. Replenish grip quickly with Grip On and continue until you get to phase 2.

Another way is to use a rotation, which may or may not work better. Depending on the person/class (class matters, as some classes have spells that reduce damage):

  • A rotation of 1,3,2,1,3,2,1,3,2,4,1,3,2,1,3,2,1,3,2,4 etc. until the wyrm is at about 45% hp (5 rotations), then switch to 1,1,2,1,1,2,1,1,2,4 until phase 2.
  • A rotation of 1,1,2,1,1,2,1,1,2,4 all the way through phase 1.
  • Ignoring dodge ability completely and simply using 1,3,1,3,1,3,1,3,1,3,4. Only use this if you are a warlock (Fel Armor), death knight(Bone Shield), or other class with some form of mitigation, do not attempt this.

On phase 2, the wyrm will grab you up into its mouth, giving you the debuff Jaws of Death, that will kill you slowly for 3% of your max health every second. Use Pry Jaws Open as many times as you can before dying and finish off with Fatal Strike, hopefully not having taken too many hits from its claws on phase 1. You must have at least one stack of Pry Jaws before you can attempt to deliver a Fatal Strike, and 10 is the recommended amount. You may miss on your first Fatal Strike (FATAL STRIKE MISSED! KEEP PRYING!), so watch your health, pry jaws open 2 or 3 more times, and strike again as soon as its cooldown is up. 20 stacks guarantees that Fatal Strike will work.

As long as the wyrm dies before you do, you will receive credit for the quest. This phase is quick, and more about luck than anything else.

Other Fun Ways to Die

There are two other factors that can still kill you if you don't have slow fall:

  • Should you die during the quest and happen to lag just before that moment, your body may be suspended in the air while the wyrm despawns. You can of course fly up to it respawn, at which point you will fall to your death... again.
  • When you kill the wyrm, you might, at that moment, be above a steep incline. The wyrm's body will hit the incline and slide a bit, but not much. After a second, you will be released from it's mouth. If you're lucky, it's a short incline and slide down to the bottom, no worse for wear. But if it's a long incline, you'll quickly slip down most of it's length and die on impact.

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