Hunt 5 Elder Stranglethorn Tigers

[49.2, 57.4]



Elder Stranglethorn tigers are the strongest of the bunch. More than one <race> <class> has seen <his/her> own demise at the tip of those razor-sharp teeth and heavy claws.

Ajeck will be thrilled to know that you have bested them. The largest pack of these elders can be found to the south, near the Sundering, on the border of the Cape of Stranglethorn.


You have defeated the strongest tigers in Stranglethorn. You have become a great tiger hunter, and have every right to stop your hunt right here and now.

Something tells you, however, that a stronger cat still waits for you within that jungle...


You will receive:


Ajeck Rouack's quests:

Sir S. J. Erlgadin's quests:

Hemet Nesingwary Jr.'s quests:

Having completed all of the above, Hemet Nesingwary Jr. offers you

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