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Slay Watchkeeper Gargolmar, Omor the Unscarred and the drake, Nazan. Return Gargolmar's Hand, Omor's Hoof and Nazan's Head to Gunny at Honor Hold in Hellfire Peninsula.


Quick, <class>, there isn't much time. Honor Hold's existence balances on the razor's edge!

We're caught between Hellfire Citadel in the west and the forces of the Burning Legion to the east. With the Legion's attention turned toward the Dark Portal we must take this opportunity to strike at the fel orcs of Hellfire Citadel. The key to this is to first break through their ramparts!

Go there, slay their leaders, and then bring back proof to Gunny across the hall here from me!


<name>, right? Chadwick told me to be expecting your report.

WHAT are you doing in my presence?! Is your assignment complete? Are you a complete and utter lackwit? You make me want to vomit!

Now get your worthless hide up on those ramparts and do what you were instructed to do! Do you hear me?!


You will be able to choose one of these rewards:

Inv gauntlets 10.png
[Handguards of Precision]
Inv shoulder 02.png
[Jade Warrior Pauldrons]
Inv shoulder 14.png
[Mantle of Magical Might]
Inv boots cloth 05.png
[Sure-Step Boots]

You will also receive: 5g 40s


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

+350 Honor Hold faction
12600 xp or 5g 58s 50c at level 70.


Do you know what I hate worse than being wrong? Losing gold on a bet that you couldn't pull it off, sweetheart.

Outstanding! With those three dead their forces should be in disarray. And with their artillery up there silenced we'll have an easier time getting close enough to take the citadel!

I have a feeling there's more to this than meets the eye, though - so I'm going to have something else for you to do. Here, take one of these from the armory.

Quest Progression

Weaken the Ramparts, along with many Honor Hold quests, becomes available when you complete these three quests:

You then get:

Note: You need to be half Neutral with Honor Hold to get this quest, or the quest Expedition Point.